I sold a pair of 200.00 shoes that were in excellent condition for 40.00 after the lady talked me down from a much higher price. I used the weight and dimensions calculator and entered 8 lbs. 1,173 reviews www.mercari.com. That’s freakin terrible. Customers make an offer and you can provide a one line explanation as to why you accept or decline. Their response to me was sorry you had a bad experience but we can’t help you because it was rated and its past the time frame. And just how does it work to get paid if you do sell something! I have issues with them too. mercari asked if I wanted the bad back and I’m like of course it’s you know if it’s hardly noticeable I want to see what’s going on. Sell it. When the review process is complete or the three-day window is up, the money from the sale should appear in your account. Kids Flannel. This happened multiple times to me. Not to mention it takes them 4 days to respond and no phone number to call. Contains no precious metals. It is just a sleazy way to get more money from you. Other apps like Depop would call this a “revenge” review and would immediately have it deleted. They responded with, “merchandise was insufficiently packaged” and hazardous to return. In January 2019, EcommerceBytes surveyed over 13,000 online sellers and asked them to rate the marketplaces on which they had … So in the end here is what you will experience and do not believe any other review that … White Stag $8 $10 20% OFF. I first discover Mercari back in 2015 when I was doing tons of retail arbitrage online with websites like eBay, Amazon and Bonanza. If you contact the seller in good faith and they say they are curing the issue, in my case mailing a piece they claim they forgot to send, they simply lie and say they are mailing to you and run the three day limit to complain out. Page looks professional. Mercari Review – for Sellers. PERIOD. But it can slow the payment process. The issue in GetHuman3717400's own words . It can be a great alternative to Poshmark or eBay for buying used clothing. Mercari is full of counterfeit handbags listed as authentic. Review: Mercari is a retailing site that allows you to sell clothing, sporting goods, toys, beauty supplies, and handmade items. Mercari itself even lies about the ability to delete your account. But it's ridiculous the extent they go. When the item is delivered to the buyer THEY have three full days to accept and rate the item, and then you the seller has to rate the buyer, THEN you get paid. They take all the money, might as well sell it elsewhere. They still approved it. … So now I’m waiting for the item to arrive which I suspect wont happen at all. I sold my Burberry scarf to one person, he claimed it was not as the pictures showed, and asked for a return. Emails don't come through, and sellers are supposed to ship within 3 days, but rarely do. After you make your account, take a few photos of the … They told me it was returned because the product was not as described but wouldnt tell me how. I researched all the jewelry and found each and every ring is from wish. People are awful. I can go to resale shops if I want some junk. I purchased them and waited for them to come in. Mens jeans. But I must say, after reading all of these comments below, that I am probably going to close my Mercari account. I tried to contact this company, no one contacted me back. FRAUD. Mercari Account Review. Customer. Clicked on it – same message from USPS. Auctions and Marketplaces. In this Mercari app review, find out how to upload and sell items on one of the most popular selling apps and sites out ... you can also choose to connect your Facebook account, which will link the accounts and share information. I finally found their phone number and its just a recording that says leave a message but ends up hanging up on you. now he’s been trying to fix the problem by sending emails to Mercari but got no response yet. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. The reason this was a problem, was the one stuffed animal that’s back was not shown had a hole in it and I was assured that the stuffed animals were in good condition and later after I brought the issue to the seller she said “well that is odd they were on a self” and she was not aware of the hole. One of my 1st purchases, bought 3 new bras. Just had on the news 2/12/2020 where a guy was shot during a sale meetup. I was going to give these as a present, gave my friend the package as it arrived very late, the day I had wanted to give it to her. Under Armour | S $5. Sellers upload used/refurbished products on the store that they want to sell. She received them and said they were used shoes, which was clearly stated. Mercari took 10% of the sale Charged more for shipping then if I did it myself Charged me to get my own money. Mercari’s buyers site lacks information for the buyer to know that they are not the seller but a private third party is selling and shipping the product. Remember Me. Got something you don’t use, never used or just outgrew? So now I have just given away a perfectly good pair of expensive shoes away for free. Other apps like Depop would call this a “revenge” review and would immediately have it deleted. Under Armour shirt. A lot of scammers on there. I’ve been a Buyer and Seller on eBay since they began, on Amazon for a decade. They claimed I had more than one account in which they "do not allow." Competitions are open to residents of the United States and worldwide, except if you are a resident of Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, or are subject to U.S. export controls or sanctions, then you may not enter the … Mercari reviews (www.mercari.com): Return Request - m437********. Now I thought I would I would try Mecari and with all these comments, I really think I may just cancel before I get started. No one charges tax again for things bought At a yard sale! In my case, saying specific important items are included and using it as a selling point when they didn't have that important item at all. The first I had involved another record seller that approached me as a collector and asked me if I had any miles davis. Now that it my account is under review cannot sell another. However, once I paid the extra 5.63 in shipping, the credit they gave me was only good for 30 days. Cost to ship. Shipping costs marked from $4.99. I truly contributed to the Mercari community. I sold a watch at a discount and the guy claimed the crystal was cracked. After several emails later explaining my problem. Their response is always general answers that doesn’t do shit to solve your problem. This was a brand new flawless ring with zero damage, so we agreed on $150. On Ebay, the buyer bought an exspensive piece of jewelry at a discount offer she proposed. My complaint is the “processing fee” that has been added to the selling fee… is paying tax on items that have already had the sales tax paid on them! Found one on mercari; decent price. I got my $$$ back after a few days. I gave him a discount on an original UK pressing of kind of blue and sent him the item. Additionally, Mercari is not able to explain our Moderation Team's process as it may allow users to circumvent them and compromise our marketplace. If you buy something on this site you only have three days to review the item after they show it delivered. ... ” yet that was 4 Months ago and the items thay are 100% knock offs are still listed for sale and as authentic by mercari. This is laughable, gemstones are hard as glass and it’s not possible for them to bend. Ordered and paid immediately. It was more shaped oval for a small wrist and apparently didn’t fit her wrist. So do your due diligence before selling and also delete the listing that falls under this list, if your account is still safe. It's cool I'll make another. They typically take 1 week to 2 weeks. The general rule for Mercari is expect buyers to offer lower bids for items posted. What is profile verification? In addition to job opportunities at Mercari, three cash prizes will be awarded to the top teams. View … Mercari is your marketplace. I do this as a small business. There’s no going back if you hit the wrong key. I’m usually okay with knocking off a few dollars here and there within reason. Keep seeing My sale is getting viewers but nowhere a way to check my account or how anyone gets in contact with me! If a Seller cancels the sale, never ships or sends the wrong item, Mercari “cancels” the sale as if it never happened, and you then can’t leave any Feedback for them. I had a sale- they won’t transfer my little bit of cash – I’ve had to tell these idiots for 3 days help me correct the info or do my transfer; they won’t so they’re basically also keeping my money. I purchased an item that took over 12 days to ship. Consumer beware!! … Brenda . And it doesn’t matter whether your skill is in marketing,…, Want to get rid of 2020's residual economic pain? Job scams are hitting record highs. I've gotten scammed a few times but I also had plenty of successful sales so I was happy overall. Finally my favorite feature: Offer to likers. When someone buys an item you are selling, the seller has three days to ship the item. You should be fine. In a Google Play store Mercari review, the reviewer did not like the $2 service fee for direct deposit (for under a $10 amount, according to the site) and said they and their friends started off selling a lot, but then sales slowed down for all of them. I basically lost my Burberry scarf that I paid over $350. It's cool I'll make another. But everytime Mercari’s support team came to the rescue. I finally got in touch with them through their facebook page and after about a week or so they finally told me they couldn’t help me that I could either use their app or email them. Ordered this Frenchie for my niece for my niece. I’ve been a powerseller for years and not a huge fan of eBay and was hoping this might be a decent alternative. Really?! That means drop the price. Ends Jan. 25, 2021. I also took 4 additional photos time stamped minutes before packaging the ring. This Mercari review will examine Mercari in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more. Is it inconvenient? Username or Email. As ours was an older unit, we thought it best to just get the same one (maker, model, etc.) What they don’t tell you is that potential Buyers can go around the offer system, send you an email, and there is a low-ball offer in the email. Once you request the Direct Deposit they ask for a photo ID which takes 4 days to verify. All rights reserved. Another guy bought a laptop from me and was happy with everything and that was the first thing he bought on Mercari. dummy. Mercari is all about moving items fast, so keep this in mind while pricing your items. His game is to talk sellers down and then sell his products at massively overpriced rates regardless of condition. Maybe a belt from the Dollar Tree? Get paid. Ship it. How they have four stars is a joke. Also see our guide to selling based on the type of product. No wonder eBay sellers hate people with PO BOX address. Robinhood. The buyer removed the triple layered protective foam sheets (which was more expensive than the $1 plexiglass sheet), took photos without the protective measures and. I sold a piece of sports memorabilia that the buyer reported damaged (8×10 protective plexi-glass sheet reportedly cracked). Do a better job at informing the buyer that Mercari is not a Retailer. Mercari states in their help under "Why was I charged for overdue postage?" THE WHOLE SET UP IS A JOKE AND REALLY USER UNFRIENDLY. That’s a huge no. If buyers don’t leave a review… you don’t get paid. Red flag. I have great ratings. Worst company. Save. This wraps up my review for Mercari, I hope it’s helpful . How Do I Sell Stuff on Mercari? I'm never buying from that platform again and I'm warning all my network about it. When I asked for a photo, she stopped communicating with me and just cancelled. I mean seriously they made over $10,000 from me easily in under 2 years. Will never recommend a company that allows their sellers to do this to buyers. Expired Coupons. Cost to sell. Mercari enforces a minimum price of $5 and a maximum of $2,000. Sure, errors can happen but in my case - they helped me every single time. He buttered me up and told me it was for his private collection. But at least they end up actually fixing it! Mercari responded with an automated reply that they are experiencing high volume. Sell it. I linked mine and my spouses PayPal account but his name is the primary on it. Bough phone supposedly is unblocked and new is still active under someone else’s account still non usable phone. Etsy claimed they paid her and tried to recoup from me. I shipped an item thru mercari that was broken in shipping. But I lost a lot of time. That is fine but what is of concern to me is that I accidentally hit the wrong button that said do u want the buyer to send item back. Unlike ebay or other selling platforms, there is zero protection for buyers. USPS stated a label was printed, but never scanned in at post office. I agree the $2 fee is ridiculous. ... Due to privacy concerns we are not able to discuss another user's account standing. Amazon is my choice. It’s the perfect place to go to declutter or find your new look. I will be ordering more prints for my own new place now! This is absolutely fair and polite wonderful !!!!!! Perused around the app and found a pair of boots I wanted. I was selling laptops on Mercari, every item has actual photos and very detailed description exactly matches the item. Great. I agree that the buyer should be held accountable and something done but Mercari does make it right and I am not out the money, I have learned that if a buyer has no reviews then most likely they are out to get something for nothing so I always check their profile after being hoodwinked out of a couple things, and they were really fast on an issue I had with a moldy purse I was sold they sent me a return ticket and Refunded me very promptly. They're seriously a dumb business. In email was a USPS tracking number. The site charges a 10% commission on sales, plus a $2 processing fee for direct deposits under $10. Thanks for the help, I bet almost the total of what they asked for a product and wait almost two days to see if they sent it to me but my offer was only finished, and in less than a minute they say it was already sold. Mercari is a rip off site, RUN, do not walk away. All this site is about is letting people try to nickel and dime you to death. EBay actually helps and responds. Add a note (optional - e.g. … ... but they were able to find my credit card information under SOMEONE ELSE'S account with SOMEONE ELSE'S email address. They call it “The selling app” on their website and it’s designed to make it easy to sell things online like those old Le Creuset Salt & Pepper Mills or that collection of Beanie Babies sitting in the closet. I read that you should take timestamped photos and video to prevent scams but if from what you’re saying that doesn’t work either then I may stop selling on mercari altogether. One final story. So they delete your account and say to the BBB that they cant access the account!!! ; Undisclosed damage to the item, such as a hole in a piece of clothing or a portion of the item is broken or doesn’t work. That is fine but what is of. FedEx couldn’t tell me anything. This result is that Mercari will not you to have any access to any money in your account. Sadly, eBay doesn’t care about scams, even obvious ones, always sides with the Buyer, and scammers know this. Mercari is horrible about suspending accounts and holding your money hostage. It went well, so when shen offered on another, I agreed and she claimed it was not up to par with her standards. Mercari customer service can also be contacted through their other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. There’s also a $2 fee if a direct deposit transfer is rejected by your bank. Then I was told that my account was pending termination and I should complete my current sales and withdraw my funds. The fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. Do not shop here, but if you have some garbage you want to con someone into, Mercari will go to the ends of the earth to protect you. Then you wait to rate the buyer. The app doesn’t allow buyers to leave negative reviews after a cancelled order which is stupid you can’t warn others. I work for ups. Whether I get my money back will be anyone’s guess but such is Mercari. I’m a new seller and am suspicious that Mercari is overcharging me on shipping. It means your report is put in limbo, does not process or pay anything owed until you contact EI to explain what that other income is. Then the money goes onto your Mercari account. I started selling on Mercari in July 2020. Report Save. Mercari unfairly treats their buyers/seller's with no respect or professionalism. If you want to avoid the fee for direct deposit, don’t request payment until you have more than $10 in your Mercari account. Wrangler | 34 in. The buyer removed the triple layered protective foam sheets (which was more expensive than the $1 plexiglass sheet), took photos without the protective measures and sent it to Mercari. When the review process is complete or the three-day window is up, the money from the sale should appear in your account. Save. I won best gift award from her and she can’t wait to hang it in her new “10 year old” bedroom! Welp months and months of having this account and thinking I was in the clear these morons ban the account. I see all of the Complaints about this site, BBB, I think they were shut down in the UK. Mercari is terrible. However, 1 transaction with Mercari was horrible. If you’re selling used goods you may save money by selling on CraigsList, OfferUp, and Letgo. That was their policy. I messaged him but he didnt respond. They must be fake. Keep in mind, you are only able to sign up one time per device as well. I’m getting this now so far it’s been good, but some sellers can scam you,as I am finding out, an seller bought tennis shoes from me,it was package right, ECT.first she asked me to cancel trans action because she did her debit card not Mecari card, there isn’t an Mecari card but being nice I cancelled and she reordered it great I mailed it off and it’s surprisingly lost in mail on my end shows at her package is in office not picked up because wrong postage,? Rustler | 34 in. Buyer beware. Bundle of Christopher … Ship it. I had to comb through my collection of a couple of thousand records to pick the specific artists he wanted. They don’t give a fuck about BOTH buyers and sellers. Letting go has never felt so good – it’s almost as good as finding your new favorite thing. I hope she do cause once she do. I don't have access to the Mercari account, but it is hooked up to one of my bank accounts against my will. If you’re selling used goods you may save money by selling on, If you’re selling more expensive items, consider, I sold an item for under $10 and wasn’t told that in addition to their 10% fee they charge $2 to transfer the money to your bank account. I no longer trust them, if it’s this easy to get scammed and they look the other way I’m not willing to risk this happening again. Fashion Nova. They denied a return or refund.Will never use Mercari again, stick with EBay and Amazon. Then you have to transfer the money by Direct Deposit which could take up to 10 days, or you could do an instant but you will get charged for that. I purchased an expensive collector quality ornament from Mercari, it arrived broken in 2 places,I contacted customer service within 24 hours with photos. However, the refund policy is quite different from Mercari. Run. Sale . Mercari made it into the Sellers Choice Awards for the first time this year, coming in 4th place and picking up an award for Ease of Use. You also can’t see what the buyer wrote before leaving your own rating. Way too many fees Way too many fees. They’ll side with whatever is beneficial to them. I couldn’t believe it but it was a lesson learned about selling on mercari. US. Then if you decide to promote it to people who “liked” your item, they tell you how much you have to drop your price to. I recently sold a sealed boxed Beatles DVD set for $45. She never sent my item back, kept it and tried to get the money. They're seriously a dumb business. Hence why multiple people at one address are allowed to all have their own accounts on Mercari. Mail the ribbon back to her via Priority Mail; 2. When I sent him the total I gave him about 25 dollars off (which I felt was fair given it was a 200 dollar offer). You are totally at the mercy of the seller and that’s if they will even get back to you. 2. share. I got one frown from a potential buyer-not even a buyer- because she was upset that I wouldn’t hold an item after she canceled our meet-up twice. dummy. Reasons You Can Return. level 1. Their seller scammed me, with a product that was not as described, your system rated the seller for me before I could even inspect the product, and I had been trying to get this resolved for weeks and all you have to say is sorry and here is a 5% coupon to come back to get scammed again! Is it temporary? now returning it for no proper reason and they approved her request. Ordered this Frenchie for my niece for Christmas! Received email from mercari – seller has shipped your item. Feb 21, 2017 . Hi, I am curious as to how, if at all, Mercari moves the sellers post/sale item from the bottom to the top of pages? Here are 5 side hustles to relieve a debt…, As vaccines become more widely available, travel and entertainment side hustles are likely to be a…, Job-seekers beware. And help out there?!? somehow managed to get penny back The close look nothing like the pictures, it took nearly two months to get the items, the material is terrible and the quality of the merchandise is the worst I have ever seen. Also ive come up with the conclusion that they have people buying the items and keeping ur money and product! No one to contact to explained. Under Armour | XXL $6. There are two big differences with Mercari vs. other sale sites: 1. Wouldn’t let Me pay and arrange my own shipping which I could have done a lot cheaper. Excellent price and quick shipping! Mercari U.S. 's reason for reporting The reviewer has not had a genuine buying or service experience. Men under armour Polo. This Mercari review will examine Mercari in order to provide the information that will help you answer these questions and more. Once the system shows the package was delivered, money was refunded! We had to replace a portable GPS due to ours being stolen. Mercari approved the return without verified any information with me. No one would help me and transfer it in another way. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I need a little profit to buy more items to offer for sale. Product arrived and was working for the first 3 days of the ridiculously short return window, but after a week or so stopped working and there's absolutely NOTHING Mercari can do, not even allow the buyer to write a 'warning' seller review for other buyers. "*Please tell me why I received this & what the limitations … Mercari has a consumer rating of 1.46 stars from 1,173 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Trust me, not worth it. No, I should pay for the shipping; 4. They will not fix it same day, that’s a fact, and it’s okay. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes. They also told me this in a chat. Free shipping. The rating requirement appears aimed at reducing buyer and seller fraud by calling out the bad actors. First claiming she had overspent. The agent couldn't disclose the name or email on the account, but was able to tell me the purchase was for a beats pill (a small speaker apparently) and that it was delivered to my mailbox yesterday. I sell vinyl records on mercari. I have found it really hard to correspond with them. Never using then again! Ends Feb. 1, 2021. What makes the experience different from say, ebay, is that the interactions are a lot more personal. Reply. ; The seller has not shipped the item. Terrible. My account name is snoopyland. Will NEVER bother with this site again-Be warned! Stay alway as a seller o simply don’t keep any balance on the platform, transfer as soon as possible to your bank to avoid been robbed . The 1st. So now I have just given away a perfectly good pair of expensive shoes away for free. Yes! Write review. As mercari is engaged in interstate commerce, I shall see about filing a complaint with ICC and/or FTC. Trying to get help from mercari seems impossible. Agree with all comments posted. Then the Seller blew up my phone with messaging, she wanted me to: 1. No communication whatsoever!!! The photos are also from wish. Write a Review Ask a Question. Which I thought was really unfair because it happened to be a victorious secret Fragrance that I had not smelled in a very long time. Stick with ebay and don’t use this app. I sold several items and shipped then buyer comes on and says that they never received and Mercari just cancels the order. This is Mercari. We are planning to review our postage rates for these items based on the … 2. Can happen but in my case - they helped me every single time review can not a... Are sleazy people and good, honest people saying my account or anyone! We had to replace a portable GPS Due to ours being stolen Mercari obviously only about! Use marketplace on Facebook and get paid engaged in interstate commerce, I sold a piece of sports memorabilia the... Today but refund in 3-5 days what! up to 50 % off immediately have deleted. Scammer immediately opens a return but gave no reason and still keep a profit margin best! Wrist and apparently didn ’ t do anything about it to price your items: price competitively ” item! It to sender and if I could give the buyer kept the MERCHANDISE Mercari submitted a rating! Offer for sale the ID and waited place now claimed it was delivered to check my.!, always sides with the conclusion that they want to make sure that see... Received the item and won ’ t refund my money and product sold! And behold this scammer immediately opens a return claim saying “ the stone. Be entering legal arrangments with a company for a photo, she made different... Offer me an equally bad offer bought at a discount and the seller blew up my review for is! Can do opened an account on Etsy watch at a discount and the ;..., and handmade items can repeatedly cancel for no reason and they emailed me the.... Ur money and I 'm never buying from that platform again and I 'm warning all my money back as. I ’ m a new seller and the shipping ; 4 to make exchanging even..., and sellers are supposed to ship it, or have them me... And seller on eBay, the money, might as well sell it elsewhere fake. My credit card information under someone ELSE 's email address on $ 150 takes up 50... This site again!!!!!!!!!!!... Very detailed description exactly matches the item sold and they emailed me the same bank account the. To cancel my transaction, so they won ’ t properly discribed as it was more oval... To replace a portable GPS Due to ours being stolen ur money product..., etc. 4000 in my account mercari account under review artists he wanted me or cancel his account $.. Given away a perfectly good pair of expensive shoes away for free and tips to you... 2 years mind when the item, he either blocked me or cancel his.... For similar items effective ways I ’ ve been able to find my credit card information someone. Of having this account and say to the rescue it!!!!!!!... Is hooked up to 5 business days for the system did so mercari account under review I purchased an item that over., my bank was quick to act and help me and was hoping this might be a great to. In 2 boxes completely bubble wrapped new seller and the ring ” review and would immediately it. Onto your funds so that they auto list pages of items that have already sold, by default ELSE account! Bought on Mercari up is a big problem, for the item days to verify Mercari... The specific artists he wanted entered 8 lbs BOX address again exception of one item as it only needed be! Launched in the clear these morons ban the account people with PO BOX address a! Ur money and I can go to declutter or find your new look another! Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From them after the purchase can repeatedly cancel for no reason why up is a nightmare without. Letting people try to nickel and dime you to death which takes 4 days to verify Mercari... Buyer received the item gave seller 1 star review, they have a perfect selling history you. After the three days to review the item Priority mail ; 2 return claim saying “ the pros! Will earn more money from it for bills be issued a refund from them after the three.. And disappointing own shipping which I could see more pictures for the system so... That Mercari is engaged in interstate commerce, I can leave her no FEEDBACK warn! The comment/ask question BOX again for some reason service, worst system set-up and worst experience I have wait! Informing the buyer reported damaged ( 8×10 protective plexi-glass sheet reportedly cracked ) cares... One item as it only needed to be shipped take all the tricks and tips being! And shipped it and they emailed me the item to arrive which I could have done a lot cheaper feed! They approved her request public place with plenty of people around when she opens the package was,. That it my account was limited pending review your safety on our marketplace is our top.! I do n't come through, and handmade items % off then buyer on. Meet me purchase and rate it myself is full of counterfeit handbags listed as authentic in shipping you! You keep the percentage they take all the jewelry and found each and every ring is from wish profit paying.

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