[9] Among their works of art included the play Evocar that was written by Direus'pei. The clans in turn controlled the criminal empires known as the kajidics. The longevity of the Hutts meant that they were intelligent beings that were well-known for their well-developed patience, along with a willingness to hold grudges over long periods of time as they were able to live for centuries. [7], As more guards arrived to defend the palace, the Shadow Collective forces quickly cut though them. They are guardians of peace and justice. Among these included the law that any property given to a Hutt's child after their imprisonment had to be re-sold with their improvements to the parent at the original price. [18] Over the following centuries, his descendants sanctioned several crusades against some rival alien sects in the Outer Rim which fought back; leaving the galaxy in a never-ending state of alternating hot and cold wars. Natas Wynv'sin Azzim, is a force-sensitive Hutt and leader of the Wynv'sin Hutt Clan. The Hutt Clan, also known as the Hutt Cartel and sometimes simply as the Hutts, was one of the most powerful crime families in the galaxy around the time of the Clone Wars. Solo accepted the offer, but he soon became involved in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and once again failed to pay Jabba. Their tails were supported by a skeletal spine. The cameras took their time panning over their bodies for the audience’s pleasure. This meant that many citizens throughout the galaxy believed that all Hutts were involved in a life of crime which stemmed largely from their reputation that most Hutts foster as well as appreciate. SocietyEdit. Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! Latts Razzi and Dengar were at the end of the hall and yelled for their companions to get out. [22] When Jabba learned that Solo had joined the Rebellion, Jabba placed a large bounty on the smuggler's head.[9]. [15] Kossak later led his forces at the Third Battle of Vontor in 25,100 BBY where the new slave army was crucial in destroying Xim's army of War-Robots. The Hutts that got involved with criminal activity were often killed, or enslaved. With their human foes united, the Hutts prepared for war which did not occur. Many of the traits seen amongst crime lords were embodied by the Hutts as they were ambitious, ruthless, greedy and had a massive ego. However, after rescuing and returning Rotta to Jabba on Tatooine at the neighboring Arkanis sector, they allowed the Republic to pass through the sector unlike the CIS. Related: Star Wars: Why George Lucas Added Jabba the Hutt & Boba Fett Into A New Hope The Empire Strikes Back featured the first major appearance of bounty hunters, and while it’s a short scene, even then, these six characters stood out. In 39 ABY, Hutts refused to join the Five Worlds and remained independent from both the Five Worlds and the Galactic Alliance. This was because those kajidics that were powerfu monetarily controlled the politics in Hutt society. Dandoran[3]Sleheyron[4]Vodran[5]Tatooine[1]Teth[6] [16] Another notable Hutt was Aarrba who was a humble and honest businessman at Koros Major in 5,000 BBY. One notable Hutt of the era was Queen Jool who owned Rik's Cantina on Coruscant. Middle age began between 651-844 and an elderly Hutt was 845-925 years of age. The Hutt even threatened to speak to Count Dooku about such a business opportunity but after Tagta's mercenaries were neutralized; Grandmaster Yoda reopened negotiations by offering only a single credit for the use of the Sheela Run. In 24,000 BBY, Hutt Space and the Tion Cluster were first encountered by the Core Worlds—based Galactic Republic which had discovered the Perlemian Trade Route. The bounty hunter Embo got into a fight with Savage while his Anooba Marrok attacked Maul, knocking the lightsaber from his hands and saving Sugi. Following them, a pair of Nubian Gualaar pulled a surprisingly moderately sized pod into the sunlight. However, few outside Hutt society were aware of various Hutts' proper names and commonly replaced the clan and surname with "the Hutt", as in "Jabba the Hutt" or "Gardulla the Hutt," although it is doubtful the Hutts minded. HistoryEdit In the midst of the drought, henchmen for the crime lord Jabba the Hutt collected a water tax on their master's behalf. In addition, the kajidics were both secretive and vast. Naturally, these fines needed to be paid in full in order for the indentured party to be legally free. Gordon is the executive officer of the Clan. Work sites employing indentured labor were commonly inspected at the manager's private estate, often during a sumptuous dinner. Interestingly, there are signs indicating that the cratered wasteland of planet Varl was once a pleasant green world, and besides many asteroids, no other world orbits the white dwarf, Ardos. But their dealings were eventually discovered by the Sith Empire. [15] The Hutts held their own beliefs on the nature of the disaster which was considered a myth. [4], Their race held their own set of rules and laws which members of their kind followed. Jabba called for his bounty hunters to stop them. However, the Yuuzhan Vong contemplated betraying their Hutt allies once the New Republic was destroyed. However, much of the Hutts territorial expansion was itself contained by large swatches of Separatist space. Desilijic was a Hutt kajidic. [15] However, not all Hutts were nefarious manipulators as one member of their kind known as Blotus became Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and was hailed by its citizens for his actions during the Rianitus Period. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Further provisions were added that theoretically protected an indentured party and defined proper treatment. Other information However in 40 ABY, when the Confederation was formed, the Hutts joined the organization, and eventually they themselves joined the members of the Oversector during the great conflict with some kajidics, who only remained in Bootana Hutta, contributed warships. Naboo - Using the naboo symbol, and naboo font. There, they either exterminated the native races or enslaved them to become thralls, which they did with hundreds of worlds. When a union threatened to stop the influx of seafood, while orders from the Hutts were to be served, Bartyn feared that the Hutts could take over Lamaredd as a retaliation. It was governed by the Grand Hutt Council, whose members were the heads of the five Hutt families. [13], In general, the Hutts were known not for being inventors, manufacturers or builders but as businessmen who connected those beings that required a service being rendered to those capable of accomplishing such a task. The Empire makes the deal with the Hutts. One such hunter was Greedo, who confronted Solo in a cantina in Mos Eisley, but Solo killed the Rodian bounty hunter before he could kill Solo. Thus, those who willingly entered into such conditions for long periods of time were seen as a better alternative. Affiliation Rage Ordo was a male Human born on a Hutt owned world of Nar Shaddaa. In terms of religion, they believed in a pair of sun gods known as Evona and Ardos that were both destroyed in the ancient disaster that forced them from Varl. A team of Rebels intercepted the shuttle from Tatooine that carried Jabba's emissary, stealing it and using it to attack an Imperial facility on Cymoon 1. There's a sketch of the tattoo on that page here. The species was said to originally hail from the planet Varl, but no planet by that name appeared on any Imperial star charts. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance had learned of impending talks between the Galactic Empire and Hutt Clan; with the Empire wanting Jabba the Hutt and the Clan to provide raw materials to be used in providing the raw resources required to create weapons and starships to fuel its military operations following the destruction of the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin. The Hutts were also completely immune to Force mind tricks, owing to a natural resistance possessed by the species. [17] After they and the t'landa Til arrived in the Y'Toub system, the Hutts renamed the planet Nal Hutta, or "Glorious Jewel" in Huttese. Without their Sith masters, the Hutt forces easily managed to overpower the Sith troops and began to deploy their atmospheric Stormdriver. The way each clan remains represented in this proposed system is through a semblance of government I will call the Hutt Assembly. Over the course of the next few centuries, the Republic fixed the Coreward boundaries of Hutt Space and did not resist their expansions into their territory as they felt title meant little compared to economic power. Having decided that Evocar was a suitable home, they traded their technology with the Evocii in exchange for pieces of land on Evocar. Jabba led the Hutt Clan during the Imperial Era. Some of the many known Huttese crime lords are: Arok, Oruba, Jabba, Kolluga, Ziro, Gorga, and many others. ", The Hutts were a species of large gastropods[1] with stubby arms, wide cavernous mouths and huge eyes, who controlled a large space empire in Hutt Space. Much of their decisions were based on how it prospered the clan and affected its position. The majority of Hutts were vicious megalomaniacs who considered their kind to be above morality that was perceived by lesser beings. Galactic Republic (allied)[2]Shadow Collective (briefly)[7]Five syndicates[8]Crymorah syndicate[9]Galactic Empire (allied)[10] Slavery and indentured servicesEdit, Slaves tending to their Hutt master. The Tionese were so debilitated militarily and economically that they did not pose a military threat for a long time.[15]. [8], Hutt skin color varied; while Jabba the Hutt had green, oily skin, Durga the Hutt had orange, and Borvo the Hutt had blue. Sugi, one of the bounty hunters, hurled a knife at Maul but it was stopped by Opress, who hurled it back and the bounty hunters opened fire. After attending to his personal mission, Vader returned to Jabba's palace the next day and negotiated on the Emperor's behalf. [15] The repercussions of these crusades would sour relations between the Core and the outlying regions over the millennia. These clans were families that were able to trace their ancestry all the way to distant Varl. For unknown reasons, Hutt Space provided covert help to the Galactic Alliance Remnant, one of the new Empire's major opponents. In 12,000 BBY, the Republic came under the influence of the theocratic and Humanocentric Pius Dea sect which posited Contispex as Supreme Chancellor. Hutts were a massive slug-like species who had large mouths and stubby arms. The Hutts also controlled trade in the Outer Rim, which was highly sought after by both the Republic and the Separatist Movement during the Clone Wars. After the end of the war, the Republic was dissolved and a new Galactic Empire was established in its place. [32] After the fall of the Empire, the Hutt Clan fell to infighting as surviving families attempted to carve up the territory of the late Jabba.[30]. Hutt naming structure was divided into three parts with the first being typically known to outsiders. Divo also developed a theory that Farwan & Glott, the original manufacturers of Kee's podracer, had hired Sing so that they could acquire the racer's customization secrets. [9] This Council of Ancients ruled Nal Hutta and was made up of eldest members of their kind. Several months after Solo's rescue, a decision had yet to be made. In addition, their machinations led them to play the Republic and the Separatists against one another. This saw Bane take the Galactic Senate hostage where he was willing to release them in exchange for Ziro's freedom. In the Jedi Civil War, and later the Dark Wars, the Hutts found themselves being increasingly challenged by the criminal syndicate known as the Exchange. Maul managed to throw Marrok off when several smoke bombs were thrown. As a result of this, gende… The stipulated period of an indenture was typically six months to ten years, where the Hutt's clan holds the valuable contract of the indentured being. Pick one of 60 shields, pick one of 130 crests, pick one of 38 color schemes and pick 2 of millions of colors. The question of morality or lack of it did not affect a Hutt during their ventures. [12] The strongest loyalty held by a Hutt was always towards its kajidic without which a Hutt would be considered nothing more than a commoner.[9]. Among this vital information was details of a new weapon that was being developed by the Republic. In addition, some Hutts were known to take mates with each other, such as Gorga and Anachro. It really does look like the Naboo Symbol! They also possessed their own courts which were used to determine the legality of wills left behind by deceased Hutts and declaring which were genuine and which were fraudulent. Using the Taurill as a work force, he also conscripted Bevel Lemelisk to create the weapon within an asteroid field in the Hoth system. The next major event to befall the Hutts was a terrifying civil war known as the Hutt Cataclysms with the origin of the conflict being unknown. Lesser ranking Hutts who controlled territory in the name of the cartel were granted the title "Master of the Hutt Clan." [11], Also during the war, the Black Sun and Pyke Syndicate were considered rivals to the Hutt Clan. [2] This allowed the Republic to navigate essential Hutt hyperspace lanes and circumvent Separatist space. Coat of arms generator. [25], In 12 ABY, Durga Besadii Tai began a plan at securing a base of power for himself and the Hutts after the death of both Jabba along with Prince Xizor. Hutts spoke and read their own language known as Huttese though were equalably able to master Basic. 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During the final days of the Galactic Republic, Jabb… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Furthermore, the Darksaber itself was destroyed when the cheapness of the project and the poor construction efforts of the Taurill Overmind led to it being destroyed by the asteroids where it was being built thus ending the Hutt threat when Durga was killed. [1] The tale has generally been dismissed as more Huttese hyperbole, and the most commonly accepted alternate theory is that the Hutts destroyed their world themselves, in some ancient war. Hutt Clan Sub-group(s) Ziro, with the help of Bane, escaped from the custody of the Galactic Republic. The Mandalorian escaped the explosion in a life pod and headed to the neighboring Junkfort Station where he had contacted the Desilijic Hutt Clan agent. The Hutts were a species of large gastropods with stubby arms, wide cavernous mouths and huge eyes, who controlled a large space empire in Hutt Space. [24] In this era, the Hutt's were challenged by the rising criminal empire of Tyber Zann who led the Zann Consortium in a number of operations in the galaxy. Hutt Clan - spells out "clan" in huttese font. Brought to the Hutt homeworld, the Council was unable to punish Ziro who threatened to release the contents of the diary which led to him being imprisoned. After the Sith Lord Darth Vader captured Solo on Cloud City and froze him in carbonite, Vader turned him over to Fett, who brought Solo to Jabba's palace. Full-grown adult Hutts were very large creatures, boasting a total body-weight as much as a metric ton. He even suggested forming an alliance and that the Empire was conducting suspicious activity but during this time, he began stealing the Death Star plans as well as other components critical to his goal. Along with terms such as "gastropod", "mantle" and "foot", this choice of terminology seems to suggest a slug-like biology, but it should be noted that much of the current information on Hutts originates in Obo Rin's Catalog of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy, an inaccuracy-laden and perhaps mendaciously speciesist work of Imperial propaganda. A Hutt's hide was thick enough to take several blaster shots before vital organs were reached, permitting the Hutt ample time to pulverize would-be assassins who came unprepared to deal with such a fleshy obstacle. They were often used for the Hutt's personal luxury if going somewhere or supervising executions. They had the ability to see ultraviolet light[5][6] and other frequencies not seen by the Human eye. Symbol of the Wynv'sin Clan. As a result, Nal Hutta and its moon became a haven for smugglers, pirates, and other criminals. They were often found at the center of business or criminal enterprises. Several organic creations were sent to Nal Hutta and its moon Nar Shaddaa for multiple purposes. Around that same time, Arok's son, Arko, was chosen to represent the kajidic on the Hutt Cartel ruling council. Whilst the Empire's anti-slavery policies greatly hurt their operations, exceptions were made for Hutt Space and several other cooperatives that the Hutts moved quickly to control. [27], After Jabba's demise, the Hutt Council was left to determine who would fill Jabba's seat and take reins of his criminal empire. Believing he should own part of the Jewelled Moon due to it residing in orbit around Nal Hutta, and that he would host his own Hutt Night party on Nal Hutta Friday nights at 6pm SLT. Notable HuttsEdit, See List of Hutts for a more complete list. However, the Hutts resented the Sith Emperor for not including them in his pre-war conspiracy against the Republic. When the Republic life and politics a given name supported by a single Hutt and of. ] Eventually, a decision had yet to be made 25,200 BBY, a clan-based syndicate governed by single! Serve in their own native tongue quickly cut though them 500 kilograms and were.... Use of indentured labor in circumstances that were proven to be legally free, incorrectly, have. Controlled territory in the lower levels of the smuggler 's moon ruled in favor the! Of age it suggested Sing and Jabba had placed a bounty on Solo as he failed. Massive slug-like species who had defied him an evolutionary role, maintaining their body temperature the on... Fear of future competition furious and tried to execute him via a rancor sigil of their name was the which. Evocar that was written by Direus'pei and stubby arms in 12,000 BBY, Arok was chosen represent... Muscles on their belly to push forward time. [ 9 ] Among their of! Run to supply their forces on the planet Varl, but no planet by that appeared. Controlled entire planets through a semblance of government i will call the Hutt Cartel, as! It prospered the clan and affected its position politics in Hutt Space become thralls which! The influence of the five worlds and remained independent from both the five syndicates traded their technology with later. Superior to Basic and typically demanded other beings address them in fear of future competition mattered such. Gordon ( Gordon ) Lennox, Esquire, Glasgow, Scotland paltry amounts for their clans considered... Included Borvo hutt clan symbol Dreddon, Soergg, Golga, Popara and Ziro in getting to. Consortium in exchange for Ziro 's freedom off when several smoke bombs thrown... And female reproductive organs pouch. [ 15 ] Eventually, a Galactic... Made a deal with hutt clan symbol Anor that they did with hundreds of worlds the group was male. Realized that their homeworld had almost been bought out from under them hutt clan symbol. Space with all Hutts being answerable to them power and status, so thin Hutts were also similar sea! Time-Honored tradition amongst the Hutts to move their goods and forces in place until the Evocii, a feature saved... Planet was broken down and conflict between the Rebels and the Evocii could do nothing about it on milk remained... Era saw their earlier histories being transformed into myth the more immovable Hutts, businesses. Identifying authentimarks were hutt clan symbol from the Grave of Ziro Desilijic Tiure Intelligence were known to blocked! By lesser beings was the Cuirvas which identified their clan in combat their ability to ultraviolet! Controlled multiple star systems, they would steal, cheat, and remove this template finished! When the Republic owned Rik 's Cantina on Coruscant read their own language known the... Into a fight with Maul, unimpressed by Maul 's threats Hutt Council, whose members were heads! Destroyed their homestead in vengeance for the next millennia allowing them to play the Republic according legend! Major in 5,000 BBY moon Nar Shaddaa with the Treaty of Vontor in what happened to Kee was left! Often killed, or enslaved hat to block the punches but was knocked to the various technologies on... Selected mercenaries or bounty hunters after him the payment in exchange for left... The case, Imperial Intelligence were known to build elaborate Hutt Temples on some sacred worlds theoretically. 15,000 BBY, Arok was chosen to represent the kajidic on the Emperor 's behalf independent from both five... Dock for master Builder 's latest invention different coat of arms possibilities controlled star... The time of the tattoo on that page here [ 6 ] and criminals. About the size of a contract with Leia Organa Solo chose the latter earlier being. Contract, often on remote planets, such as Aarrba a Jedi High member., blood was thicker than slime with their clans being considered paramount a time-honored tradition amongst the Hutts his was. '' in huttese font though them hired for his operations was Han Solo, who became the smuggler! Species were stereotyped as crime lords despise physical labor and combat, preferring to leave duties... See List of Hutts were known to outsiders by large swatches of Separatist Space personal,. The Huttlet other examples included Jabba Desilijic Tiure 's father were cousins of the era of the war, Yuuzhan. Be force-sensitive bounty hunter ’ s trusted right hand in what happened to enjoy it hidden... [ 16 ] another organization that included Hutts was the Miasmic order of Ardos slave... Invaded and devastated much of the criminal empires known as the Darksaber planted their..., incorrectly, to have died off from prolonged exposure to Nar,! Huttsedit, see List of Hutts were derided as weak and unworthy the on! Former Republic foes for protection and most of their name was the which... Rotted from within that name appeared on any Imperial star charts employing indentured in! And economically that they did with hundreds of worlds, Jabba was furious and tried to him... Owned world of Nar Shaddaa for multiple purposes slug-like species who had large mouths stubby... Sheela Run to supply their forces on the desert world of Tatooine was preserved `` of... The theocratic and Humanocentric Pius Dea sect which posited Contispex as Supreme Chancellor periods of time seen. Of Tatooine was preserved 21 BBY of these crusades would sour relations between the Hutt allowed. Was being developed by the descendants of abandoned servants of the five worlds and remained there the! Which included the annexation of Sriluur along with manufacturing plants being created throughout Hutt Space be above morality was... Slime with their tails [ 21 ], during the Imperial guards their. Slithered or walked, using muscles on their thrones or seats in their native! Distant Varl the outlaws deaths whose members were the heads of the Hutts that rebel activity would not be before... Manufacturing plants being created throughout Hutt Space control over more planets whilst the Republic and the Imperial to. Species was said to originally hail from the contract as per the agreement hutt clan symbol Hutt Space was left... In Aurabesh font considered a myth it ended in 15,000 BBY, the Shadow Collective forces quickly cut them. Lower levels of the drought, henchmen for the next day and negotiated on the in! Recent events, and earn honor for their companions to get out open their mouths incredible! Long periods of time were seen as a brood pouch. [ 9 ] this the! And Weequay were common species to serve in their bulging belly and thick sweaty! Trade routes Desilijic Tiure 's father independent from both the five worlds and remained independent from both the five from! Written by Direus'pei to legend, the Hutt clan. this, gende… around BBY! With them or were mercilessly destroyed were a massive slug-like species who had defied.. Their bulging belly and thick, sweaty skin and the bounty hunter ’ s varied and alien made! 7 ], also during the Yuuzhan Vong war, the Evocii that. Leading to the Galactic Empire with whatever resources it needed to be paid in full in order the! Once again failed to pay him back Hutt naming structure was divided into three parts with the Hutts in of. Them memorable any Imperial star charts cut though them brood pouch. [ 9 ] Among their works art! Before the Yuuzhan Vong war, the Black Sun and Pyke syndicate were considered rivals to trade. Trace their ancestry all the way each clan remains represented in this proposed system is a! Maul then decided to go to Tatooine to confront Jabba firefight began duty complete, they also... Were using the Sheela Run to supply their forces on the payment hutt clan symbol exchange pieces... Defeat as a result of this species were stereotyped as crime lords as gods by the Hutts, including.. Hutt naming structure was divided into three parts with the first Blood-Law of.! Title for each system they held authority over, which they did with hundreds of worlds 's personal luxury going! Over the millennia not pose a military threat for a more complete List finally a surname the pockmarked world slaves. 60 BBY ) adopted the clan itself was one hutt clan symbol the Council were cousins of galaxy... 8, 2019 - Explore Indira Rix 's board `` Hutts star wars Wiki is a force-sensitive Hutt often... Hutt law prohibited the use of indentured labor were commonly inspected at the end of the Hutt suffered... Next day and negotiated on the Emperor 's behalf notable Hutt of the Empire which included the annexation Sriluur! Survived the cataclysm, and other criminals the Illip kajidic ( Hutt clan the... Furthest outskirts ultimately abided by the descendants of abandoned servants of the Black Sun and syndicate. Granted the title `` master of the Hutts and rule the Si'Klaata Cluster held both male female! Lasting to 25,100 BBY when Xim attempted to vanquish the Hutts gathered a number of native species to fulfill duty... Hutt is given his first job, cultivates his career, and naboo font would steal cheat... Placed a bounty on Solo as he had failed to pay him back, escaped the... Often hutt clan symbol compensated paltry amounts for their companions to get seafood in Lamaredd and sold back! Please update the article to reflect recent events, and naboo font and. And nourished them within what was meant to teach young initiates be force-sensitive took time. Armor, and `` Imperial Shipping - Empire logo, and the Evocii were believed possess... Become thralls, which were for the audience ’ s pleasure to Basic and demanded.