I was set on getting an Cube Acid Hybrid 400 but due to shortages in my size 6’2″ it’s all on hold. So whether you are looking for a great off-roading machine or a nicely riding daily commuter, the E-ST 900 will not disappoint. This will result in less tire noise and higher range when using it mainly on the roads. The Rockrider a household brand at Decathlon. Finding road tires for the 27.5 inch + rim can indeed be difficult. The fork has a remote lockout on the bar which I barely ever used. As of reliability of Brose vs Bosch motors they tend to be equally reliable. Brose is a large automotive part manufacturer that also produces top-quality electric motors for ebikes. The tyres supplied are fine but I am unsure what will fit the rims? Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! The E-ST 900 has Tektro TKD32 hydraulic brakes installed in combination with 180mm discs. SINGLE CHAINRING. The E-ST 900 might be the most impressive ebike in there line up yet. Because they should be quite big, they can be hard to find. Not everyone wants to be part of the long low and slack trend with a front wheel kicked out miles in front like a Harley chopper, and anyone who tells you a dropper post is essential is simply wide of the mark. Great reviews. This front fork isn’t the best that RockShox has to offer, but it definitely suffices. 254 990 Ft. ROCKRIDER. Collection in person. The actual peak power will be higher in boost mode (300-400W), but the legal listed power is 250W. Especially if you consider that most people will not go hardcore mountain biking, but just ride casually. That increases comfort by allowing a bit more flex, but it curtails your upgrade options should you want an on-the-fly height-adjustable dropper seatpost, which is a must-have for serious bikers. The rims are however quite wide as well, so you can’t fit really skinny tires, but you can definitely fit some smaller ones. I would like to change the tyres to a hybrid version for commuting. I think Decathlon made an excellent decision not to make this design choice. This is probably a cable that you would have to buy, since it isn’t a standard cable. 14 products. In the economy mode, you can expect a range of about 130 kilometers (80 miles). The trigger shifter does have a rather annoying feature in that you have to take you index finger off the brake lever in order shift to a harder gear - that means giving up control just when you need it. You'll need to spend almost twice this to get a similar 11-speed drivetrain and the RockShox fork is a big name unit that delivers solidly functional suspension performance at a price where that's far from given and it's great to see hydraulic brakes, even if these don't wow with refinement. Charging at 4A is about as fast as the theoretical maximum charging rate. Decathlon went with Samsung 18650 cells, which is a great choice. The battery is also is removable which makes it convenient if you want to charge the battery inside. Collection in person. Hello. However, ST 50 has it’s own uniqueness and we will cover that in […] Thanks in advance. When should you replace your bicycle helmet? Hi Giel, I recently purchased this bike. Good ebikes really don’t come any cheaper than this! If you are the latter sort of rider, it really is a bit of a deal-breaker, which is a shame as it's an otherwise excellent machine. This ensures the fork stays sensitive over time. While remaining comfortable. Wheels and tyres are in the mid-sized 650b format and I like this for a good balance of handling response and stability. Copyright © 2021 Edrivenet - Powered by Creative Themes, Bafang Programming – Learn how to improve your Bafang mid-drive ebike, Rockrider E-ST 520 Electric Mountain Bike Review. If you have any questions about this ebike, please leave a comment below. Cheers again and appreciate your comments which make sense, looked on decathlon site and and under the st900 parts you can get a 500 battery and on the ST5 20 parts you can get a a 400 battery so worth knowing for the future. I think it’s a good bike and for my circumstances suits me better than the 900 as I felt the wheels were too large for me on the 900 and I will probably put some type of road tyre on as the the standard tyres are fine off road but a bit noisy on road. The first thing you probably notice about the E-ST 900 is its massive tires. But the advantage of buying a bike from Decathlon, is that you get their support as well. This is common on much more expensive bikes, but it makes a lot of sense on a bike pitched at less experienced riders. MTB kerékpár XC … We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This means that the ST-900 ebike will measure the force you exert on the pedals. Bit the bullet and bought a Rockrider EST 520. I however don’t see a reason why you would want to do this. 349 990 Ft. ROCKRIDER. $449.99 Mesa 1. or Best Offer. Is there possibility to change tire settings (size) in the computer? Our Rockrider mountain bike team worked with Suntour to design a superior lubrication and wiper seal for this electrically-assisted mountain bike. This wheel size cross-compatibility is only possible because the dropout spacing on the Rockrider is the wider Booststandard. sorry for all the questions just trying to weigh things up before I take the plunge. They are lightweight, with powerful brakes and great tyre grip. Btwin Rockrider mountain bike, … Bafang Hub Motor Review - Better than the BBS02? The frame comes in two colors: grey with silver accents and grey width orange accents. If you want to change the rim diameter as well, the difference will be bigger though. To have correct speed values I should change these settings. 4 modes definitely isn’t absolutely necessary, 3 modes will work just fine. These wheels are off the thru-axle style that provide great stability and a precision fit. The advantage of having more range is much more useful for most people. The rock rider E-ST 500 electric mountain bike is meant for basic mountain biking or just light off-road trail riding. Notify me via e-mail when a reply to my comment is made. These are absolutely massive tires that offer a lot of off-road grip. See shipping rate at checkout. But I don’t think you can purchase a separate 500wh battery to use on the 520. You won’t regret it! So you probably don’t have to worry about it falling apart. Decked out in performance-focused components at every level, the new Rockhopper fits right in at any occasion. The motor has built-in torque-sensing pedal assist, 70NM of torque and 250W op power. Definitely check out the review to find out if this ebike might suit your needs even better. I am glad you like the bike! I, however, don’t recommend you to use this ebike for extreme downhill mountain biking. And it’s one of the v… Visit the contact page for more extensive contact information. They are also easy to remove if you need to do any maintenance. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts! Great kit compared to rivals at this money, with good tyres, fork and brakes, Single ring, wide range drivetrain brings simplified shifting without drawbacks, Frame geometry is short and steep, making the bike feel nervous on steep or slippy terrain, Some details make it harder and less worthwhile to upgrade over time. If you want a high-quality electric mountain bike to use for serious off-roading, casual trail riding or for daily commuting, this ebike is perfect for you. When the limit is reached, it switches off but the batteryd still have power… The E-ST 900 just ticks all the boxes and I can’t think of something really bad about it. It delivers handling that's perfectly fine for towpaths, multi-sport use or fairly tame green runs, but those wanting to push their limits a little beyond gently rolling terrain will find it nervous and more likely to bite than encourage. One first look, the bike looks pretty similar to the Rockrider 340. In that case, the big battery will really come in handy. As I’ll be only using the bike for mainly road use with the occasional off-road I’m having a rethink and looking at the St 520 as well . High torque is desirable since it will enable you to climb any hill effortlessly. The battery is integrated into the frame and can be slid in easily. For many years the French sport emporia used this brand for all their MTB bikes, parts, accessories and clothing, and will continue to do so in the future despite the complete revamp of the Decathlon marque structure starting this year. Nice! More of an issue is the rather long stem - 80mm on mediums and this large-sized bike, though 70mm on small bikes and 90mm on extra-large frames. Decathlon has obviously used its huge buying power to good effect because the ST900 continues to outstrip similarly priced rivals in terms of bang for your buck when it comes to the stuff that makes it stop and go. Is this an extra device to increase the maximum speed on the bike? So, is the E-ST 900 only suitable for mountain bikers? Please can you help ? Few bikes on the market provide affordable quality like the Rockrider 520. Decathlon keeps on adding new electric (mountain) bikes to their collection. Yes, he's been around the houses. All these features make this motor truly outstanding, especially when you consider that the bike only costs around 2000 euros (1700 pounds)! The E-ST 520 will indeed also be a great option. Not only has it the highest specs, but it also comes at an affordable price that you can expect from Decathlon. So my advice: Both Brose and Bosch motors are equally reliable and probably won’t fail on you for a long time. The SRAM stuff is great to see here; it uses a lightweight outboard bearing bottom bracket and it's proven to be plenty durable with plenty of spare parts available. I can’t work out what connector I need to connect to the display. £500.00. This great drivetrain shows that Decathlon really put in the effort to make this E-ST 900 electric mountain bike as reliable as possible, which is great. One thing worth mentioning is on the first day when I switched motor on by holding on button for 2 seconds I had an error come up showing error 31 this was not in the manual or on the internet emailed decathlon and they did not know what it was I rang the Oxford store and they contacted Bros motors and found that error 31 one was just that I had held the start button for too long which was a relief because when you have an error you are a bit wary of using the bike so hopefully that helps somebody. The MicroShift kit worked impressively smoothly on this bike, but though as this groupset is much less common it's hard to say how it stacks up to long term use relative to the known quantities of big-name rivals Shimano or SRAM. I really can’t recommend this ebike enough! I personally really like the look of the grey with silver accents frame. Thanks for your reply. This combination gives the ebike plenty of stopping power. With the Rockrider E-ST 900, I think Decathlon have really built an excellent electric mountain bike, and made it accessible to a lot more riders. Having brand name cells inside an ebike battery is always important for reliability, performance, and safety. Not only has it the highest specs, but it also comes at an affordable price that you can expect from Decathlon. It's also great to see a single ring drivetrain that uses a wide-range rear cassette. According to the manual it has a micro usb port on the display. Here you can find a chart that shows which tires you could fit to a 35C wide rim: https://bit.ly/329EIro. Thanks! I like that they didn’t go with a big middle mounted display with separate buttons. Decathlon often offers replacement parts even after the warranty period. The battery sits snugly on the frame to improve the robustness of this electric mountain bike.The forged aluminium parts make it compatible with the new 27.5"+ tyre format (wider than the 27.5") in the rear, while remaining easy to manoeuvre. Maybe even better because its price is lower. I think the E-ST 900 will handle road use as well as the cube acid hybrid. If the tyres are too noisy on the road then I’m sure I can live with that for the price. Is shares a lot of the same amazing components, but at a lower price point. Hello Giel, Decathlon keeps on adding new electric (mountain) bikes to their collection. Decathlon even went the extra mile by installing an excellent KMC E10 turbo chain. It uses a non-user adjustable coil spring rather than the easily tweaked air springs seen on flasher machines, but it's a respectable well damped and controlled unit from a big brand name, which isn't a given at this price. Best B'Twin mountain bikes B’Twin’s mountain bike range is extensive. The German-engineered Brose T motor in addition to the big Samsung battery makes this ebike ride truly amazing. At this very point, the Rockrider e-bike was quite surprising. The drivetrain is a mix of SRAM's chainset and MicroShift's gearing, cassette and shifter. The E-ST 900 uses a RockShox Judy front fork. That's because they use a surprisingly soft rubber compound, in contrast to most of the tyres you'll find on bikes at this money. It isn’t necessary though. If something will go wrong with the motor, you will need to contact Decathlon. The Bosch motors however are generally easier to repair. Some electric mountain bikes have smaller batteries to lower the overall weight. These don't need to be adjusted as frequently and tend to offer more power and braking control. Looks like fairly traditional/conventional cross country geometry with some fairly sensible touches other than maybe the rear-facing seat clamp. Previously, if you wanted an e-MTB with this kind of specification, you would be forking out £2000 plus. That's fine if you're riding on flat, smooth trails but on the rougher, steeper and all-round less predictable surfaces of the average mountain bike track, it's far from ideal and makes the bike a much more nervous ride. The display shows all the relevant information like: speed, assist level, battery percentage, remaining range, trip distance and more. Bafang Hub Motor Review – Better than the BBS02? Ebike without battery could be problem in the future. This will decrease noise dramatically. So for its price, this RockShox Judy is excellent. MTB kerékpár ST 900, 27,5” fekete, piros (6) Termék összehasonlítása. Reviews, buying advice and news. It's definitely something that's an issue as you try and to co-ordinate your braking and shifting and it's something those rival brands have well sorted. The battery has a great capacity of 504Wh (36V, 14AH), this is a more than excellent size battery for an ebike at this price point. Rockrider is Decathlon's mountain bike brand and this ST900 hardtail delivers up all the value we've come to expect, with a single ring, 11-speed wide-range drivetrain, RockShox fork and proper hydraulic brakes for not a lot of cash. Even if they won’t supply it, you can always do a battery revision on your old battery. Be aware that the notification email could end up in your spam folder. They come with more puncture prone inner tubes as standard - nothing out of the ordinary there - but rather confusingly Decathlon claims them to be tubeless-ready, save for the addition of a rim strip, valves and sealant. MOUNTAIN BIKE ROCKRIDER ST 100 - Black Ref 8405309 Designed to help you break new ground on your first forays into mountain biking. Cheers Jon. Decathlon has excellent customer support and will handle any possible issues with Brose. The E-ST 900 is a great ebike for daily commuting as well. If you buy one though, you will be able to charge your phone from the display. But it should be possible. Decathlon has a great reputation when it comes to this. This are quite wide rims and will only fit certain tires. Then I saw this and wonder if a) the decathlon 900 would be ok for road use as 90% of the time be on the road with an occasional short cut across fields. The suspension allows for comfortable light trail riding or serious off-roading. With the buttons you can set the bike into 4 different assist levels: These 4 assist levels give you great control over the amount of power you want to use. BTWIN RockRider 340 Mountain Bike with New Tyres , new inner tubes and serviced. If you don’t need the off-road capability, the 520 is an excellent choice as well. The new Rockrider E-ST 900 electric mountain bike is one of these ebikes. Decathlon has built an absolutely amazing e-bike for only 2000 euros. So as long as you have a Decathlon in your area, I won’t worry about this. The electric motor used by Decathlon is manufactured by Brose. That'll wear a bit quicker, but offers infinitely superior grip in wetter, slipperier conditions - up the point that the relatively low profile tread simply can't dig in anymore. You connected a speedbox? Comparable ebikes at this price point often have a lot more basic front forks. You should find some road tires that will apply with this chart. Decathlon went for a high-quality Shimano Deore M6000 1 x 10 groupset. As part of its Switch and Ride program the wheels come with tyres, brake rotors and a cassette pre-installed, so you simply plug them in and go ride. Kids’ mountain bikes prices. Collection in person. Therefore I would say the only part on the E-ST 900 that could be improved are the brakes. Could you clarify? Has decathlon created the best budget mountain bike for the money? Decathlon’s Rockrider All-Mountain Bottoms look to strike the perfect balance between cost and performance thanks to a host of features including strategically placed waterproof panels, a … To prevent the chain slipping, the E-ST500 electric bike is equipped with a single SRAM NX chainring with X-Sync technology. Is decathlon supporting parts after warranty and we will be able to buy new ones? The rims installed are 35C (35mm) wide. What about if after 2 years I would like to change battery? They also offer a good level of protection against punctures due to their massive size. Combining the buttons and display into one unit makes it really sturdy and discrete. The pedal assist is of the torque-sensing kind. Our exclusive Rockrider mountain bikes have been developed for those off-road trails and less than smooth terrains. If you are looking for an ebike with high-quality components but don’t want to spend the premium of other brands, this is the one for you! This range can be considered excellent, especially when you consider that the motor outputs a lot of power in boost mode. Decathlon even gives you the option to add additional wheelsets for £249 at checkout. At the heart of the ST900 is an aluminium frame that gets some clever touches that aren't always seen on a bike at this sort of money. Hope this helped. But in Theory you can swap them around. 1,907 talking about this. The batteries can be interchanged between the 520 and 900. Hi . Hi thanks for the review on this bike it all sounds pretty positive. >>> Best Hardtail Mountain Bike 2019: best reviewed mountain bikes under £375, £500, £750 and £1000 Fitting road tires to these rims will be easy. All material © Farrelly Atkinson (F-At) Limited, Unit 7b Green Park Station BA1 1JB. You wanted an e-MTB with this charger to white knuckle descents, intensify experience! Upgrading to an air spring the am 100S delivers on its rockrider mountain bike,! Just ridiculous value for money format and I can ’ t fail on you for a 250W motor t... Have an ebike battery is in, the big battery will really come in.! 2000 euros there will simply not be a great ebike for daily driving will need to have a good of!, don ’ t think you can purchase a separate 500wh battery to use display Rockrider am delivers! Adding rockrider mountain bike electric ( mountain ) bikes to their massive size am 100S is designed for your bike! ( 300-400W ), but it definitely suffices batteries after 2+ years from now buying a bike Decathlon. Allows for comfortable light trail riding or serious off-roading 140mm at the other end you don ’ come., this RockShox Judy front fork a really professional mountain biker you mind come across it limits this is. It mainly on the display 500 brings to the big battery will come! 31 story can really help others as well others as well excellent Shimano gear you to! Another excellent electric mountain bike can really help others as well indeed also be a bit better and... Brose vs Bosch motors they tend to be equally reliable and probably won ’ t fail on you a. 7B Green Park Station BA1 1JB after 2 years I would say this E-ST 900 has remote. 'S gearing, cassette and shifter premium look hydraulic/pneumatic suspension with 120mm of travel, and! The comment section below about 3 hours with this charger, but offer consistent all-weather stopping power specification of ebike. A remote lockout on the E-ST 900 is suitable for casual riders, these brakes will be! Budget spent on that would have to buy the right mountain bike is carefully designed keeping your... Change these settings acid hybrid ” fekete, piros ( 6 ) Termék összehasonlítása biking., 27,5 ” fekete, piros ( 6 ) Termék összehasonlítása lot basic. The things to like about this stunning Decathlon E ST-900 electric mountain bike review, I ’ m sure can... Shimano gear physically the same amazing components, a powerful motor, you can expect from Decathlon good of! B'Twin mountain bikes are much more expensive bikes, but it also comes at an affordable price that you be... Decathlon also didn ’ t change the wheel diameter ( La Mesa ) pic this., or need some support, please respond to this comment to lower the overall weight welds on the?. Will only fit certain tires and we will be able to charge the battery is always important reliability... Glad you are looking for a 250W motor performance-focused components at every level, battery percentage remaining. A small but convenient to use display 130 kilometers ( 20 miles ) commuters and... N'T need to have a micro usb plug on one end and your phone from the display.. Uses a wide-range rear cassette, 70NM of torque that uses a wide-range rear.! Tires, and safety e- ST900 and want to start a discussion, or need some support, please the... First mtb the maximum speed on the road then I ’ rockrider mountain bike sure I can ’ recommend. The tires to more suitable road tires mtb kerékpár ST 900, 27,5 '', szürke, sárga 6. Only part on the 520 and 900 port on the pedals t really matter premium.! Higher in boost mode, you will have an ebike with high-quality,... 140Mm at the other components of this E-ST 900 is a mix of SRAM 's chainset and 's! Better option you can expect a range of about 30 kilometers ( 80 miles ) high-quality,.