Structures Vintage Isolation Pinot Noir Bbl-Aged Saison (7.4%) His writing can also be found in Northwest Brewing News and can be followed on Twitter at @hopapalooza. She has strutted her stuff at the Vancouver Burlesque Festival, The Moisture Festival, and the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender and has also become a mainstay in the Seattle burlesque scene appearing at Tuesday Tease, Burlesque Behind the Pink Door, The Emerald City Burlesque Revue, and numerous other Northwest stages. We know it is a tense time, but we hope to assuage your concerns by taking all necessary safety measures and following them strictly. Instagram – @misshyacinthlee Barleywine probably won’t be running for office, but we know it’d have our vote if it decided to. What it’s meant for us at the restaurant and for the service industry at-large is we have had to take a giant leap back from the main function of why we stay dedicated to this life – hospitality. Here is a preliminary list of what will be pouring: Allagash Curieux Allagash Interlude Alvinne Oak Aged Balthazar Alvinne Oak Aged Podge Avery Samaels Big Sky BBN IPA Big Sky Ivan the Terrible Thank you to every guest who’s asked a question, tried a new beer or style, made a bad joke, become a regular, pre-gamed for your flight, spent your lunch break here, etc. The Elmwood Strip as it is known is deteriorating fast. New Belgium Southern Vine Foeder-Aged Golden Sour w/ Grapes (8.4%) the scene (seriously, though, it is highly recommended). One of our favorite events is going down on January 30th. D.J. That’s right! The beers range from sours to stouts and the only real criteria is the barrel-aging. Well these sure are interesting times we’re living through! Often these beers have a charitable nature to them, and in this case sales from Boop & Beep IPA will benefit the YWCA—a charity dear to Georgetown brewer Chris Bower and his family, as is reflected in the beer’s name, which is also of personal significance. When You Lay in Your Grave DIPA We have 64 craft beers on draft, a selection of over 400 bottles from both the U.S. and abroad, an exceptional selection of Scotch and American Whisk(e)ys and a … They bring to the table a blend for the ages, the tricks of their trade they weave in like sages. that style can be. If I remember correctly (but I might stand corrected), Big Wood begins in the afternoon, … We’re instituting new systems here, and trying to make our ordering process quick, easy and contact-free. If you order after 1 p.m. on Saturday, your order will be ready the following week. More wood-aged beers than you can shake a wood stick at. Sat, 2pm-8:30pm. This is a new experience for us, so please keep that in mind when ordering. This anniversary is for you; all of you. A performer since 2005, she came to burlesque from roller derby and thrives on kicking ass. In sour. Sat, 2pm – 8:30pm. Facebook – No beer is guaranteed to be tapped and supplies are limited and may run out. We are so excited to be able to have the good fortune to turn 15 and start to plan for the next 15 years. Brouwer’s Big Wood Festival Starts Thursday, November 29 No entry fee; pay as you go Beers will be available in several sizes to allow multiple samples Contrition Pilsner It’s been 18 years since the little start up festival put on by Bottleworks at the Phinney Ridge Community Center began. All that has changed …. Finnriver Sour Plum Cyser ’16 (7%) We use only select Western Red Cedar, since it is simply the finest, most desirable wood for outdoor furniture. Call (386) 362-7427. There is no secret that we are utterly obsessed with Brouwer’s Cafe’s Big Wood beer festival. Hellstar Dark Lager Obviously, we are talking Narrows BA Gloom Imp. Here and on the Evergreen site. All orders must be placed online, i.e., you can’t walk up and place an order. With over 20 years under his belt of drinking beer at festivals across America and the world, he has developed a strong appreciation and understanding of craft beer and the industry that surrounds it. The truth of the matter is that we want to see all of you. Phase 2.0 — We are open for in house dining as well as take out. Get headlines on local weather, entertainment, and events. Found harmony through barrel and in friends past and present, the gift of this blend to bring joy, peace and presence. Big, bold beers will take over Brouwer’s Café in Seattle when the legendary beer bar hosts its 13th annual Big Wood Festival. Loam Temple is a way to say thanks, bring two passions together, and honor the folks that build and maintain mountain bike trails here in Washington (Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and WMBC), as well as make awesome beer (Structures Brewing). Last year, we launched this site in the midst of Big Wood 2009. This year, we are giving you a 3 week “head’s up.” Big Wood will be held on December 2, 2010. Never one to micro-manage and always one to praise, you will not find a better business owner to work for. More than a year ago. On December 5th – 8th, we will once again dive deep into the bowels of the cellar and pull all sorts of vintage goods for your palate from sour to sweet and everything in between. An over-hopped juicy 12% Triple IPA? with Plums, Blackcurrants, Cherries and Grapes. Join us that weekend for 50+ barrel-aged beers, making it one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the city. Doug and Tim, the Lady Drew; Bottleworks, located at 1710 N 45th Street in Seattle will also be receiving some package from Burial Beer, but this allotment is in limited supply. Thank you to every person who has ever stepped foot into Brouwer’s to enjoy a craft we love so dearly. TAPLIST (subject to change): We are closed this week. The is so Each year Brouwer’s Cafe digs into its sizable cellar to unearth some great beers for the event. What were you doing when you turned 18? This Earthen Helix of Death DIPA owners, are products of the PNW brew scene, and into giving their beers rad names. Temple- a building devoted to worship. Here’s a brief explanation. March 24th is Brouwer’s actual 15th Anniversary, and our original plan was to open our cellar and have a big party, to celebrate the community of patrons, family and friends that have made this possible on March 28th this year. Facebook – Everyone who works inside these walls embraces that mind set. We hung on to those special beers for another two years. Surf Wax IPA. Lots of great moments have been shared, and everyone is left satisfied by the end of the night. Big Wood BBQ & Grill is home of the ""Big Racks and Smokin' Butts."" The Seattle beer community is a stronger place thanks to you and Bonney’s vision to take a Belgian-style bier café and make it into a world-class beer destination. Featuring The Cadillac Three, Devon Worley Band, Anderson Daniels, Ken Valdez, The Jesse Lee Band, Swanny Rose, Ted Hajnasiewicz, Hailey James, and Roy Holdren. An Interview with Nicole Austin – General Manager & Distiller for Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. tribute. So, 4-packs of our 15th Anniversary IPA, “I Thought We Were Friends!” will be available at Stoup, Cloudburst and Standard for pick up, starting Wednesday, March 25th at 12 noon. This year, we lost a very important and special figure in Hyacinth Lee; Word. Please don’t worry, we’ll be back after the break, we’re too damn determined not to. Tapping of Firestone Walker Rolling Bones. Sailor St. Claire; What is a beer drinker’s calendar without the barleywines at Hard Liver or at Bacchanal at Gary’s, the dark stuff at Stout Fest or the Festival or Dark Arts, tart treats at Sour Fest or Chuck’s, the expression of brewers’ imaginations at Strange Brew, fresh, hoppy delights at the hop harvest, or just going into the Monk (which always feels like a celebration to us)? Dwinell Country Ales Fruit Machine Farmhouse w/ Cherries (6.5%) Tradition. Alesmith Bourbon Bbl-Aged Vietnamese Speedway Stout ’16 (12%) The guiding principle is to have a group of influential “beer bar folks” that will help navigate each other through some of the challenges facing small businesses. Now it can do almost anything; well, except drink at its own celebration, but that’s neither here nor there. Alesong Raspberry Rhino Suit BA Imp Stout w/ Raspberries (11.1%) Don’t say we didn’t warn you. It is arguably our favorite festival because we get to showcase all different kinds of beer AND they will all be barrel-aged. Boon Schaarbeekse Oude Kriek (6.5%) Thinking about running for office? This is one of , if not our favorite festival of the year. Wood carver Keith McKale of Ellicottville ties up the sides of his tent during the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts in Buffalo on Saturday, August 24, … Opening each day at 11:00am, Brouwer’s Café will bring together an impressive curated list of … If you’ve been to one of our anniversaries before, you know we also break out some cool beers from yesteryear. styles of beer, but are still REALLY into themes? Boneyard Bourbon Bbl-Aged Suge Knite ’19 Imp Stout (16%) We are pleased to announce that we are now open for takeout FOOD and BEER!Our hours are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4-8pm, and we ask that all orders be made online in advance. Upright Vintage Ives Blend ’19 Lambic-Style Ale (6.2%) Map: Tel: 678-880-0493 / 0453 Fax: 678-880-1099 He can be found in any of the great breweries or beer bars that make Portland the best beer city in the world. We’ll be doing two separate flights of five years each. The game is a foot when the blend strikes a chord, still each in the group asks, “Is it me Lord?”. We are talking about Burial out of Asheville, NC. favorite festival because we get to showcase all different kinds of beer AND particular style to give the nice people out there a chance to try how diverse This event is all about the BEER. Allagash and was named PNC #2 Broken Elevator. They were tired of the same old, same old from the big beer companies. incredibly excited to be able to put this unique event on and we’re probably If you attempt to order more than 3 bottles, your order(s) will be canceledNO PROXIES. We keep referring to our re-opening as a “grand experiment”, because right now everything we’ve ever done to keep our house packed – creating great draft lists, having fun festivals, supporting important causes and more – is all on hold. We are taking a break, we will be back Thursday, August, 13th. Get Directions. We apologize to everyone who had planned to come and see us this week. It is BEERlesque time again! Oakshire Hellshire IX ’19 Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imp Stout (13%) Rare Barrel Across the Sea Bbl-Aged Golden Sour w/ Coriander & Salt (6%) Instagram – @amarastrutt Vote early, vote often, and vote Barleywine. It was 1 week ago today that we had to temporarily close our doors, and when we’ll be able to open them again is a complete unknown. From field to vat to barrel to bottle, bound flavors of feral to be read like a novel. This year’s four-day festival featuring heavy alcohol variations of Barleywine, Stout, Sour Ales, and IPA will take place from Thursday, December 5th – Sunday, December 8th. Your email address will not be published. That’s right! life and legacy. For over 15 years, he has provided many of us with a place to call home. We We hope to see you out on March 28th to celebrate this occasion with us. active, they all got together to brew a handful of beers. Here are our hours for the next few weeks: Feel Free to order as many Triumvirate 4 packs as you see fit. Ruby is the creator of BurlesKaraoke a monthly party that combines the joyfulness and beauty of burlesque and the improvisational goodness of the audience singing karaoke! Events. clock. It’s been disheartening to say the least. Friday, March 13th Bottleworks, located in Wallingford will be selling 4 packs to go. If your group is larger you will be seated at different tables, and asked to stay at those tables. Together they crafted two beers that will hopefully be a lasting Joining the many organizations that impact the beer industry including the WA Brewers Guild, the Seattle Restaurant Alliance, the Downtown Seattle Association and others, the SBBC plans to provide a different perspective and speak to issues related directly to the bars within the craft industry. Aslan Peach Dojo Oak-Aged Saison w/ Peaches (7%) Het Nest Aquavit BA Dead Man’s Hand Imp Stout (10%) Ruby moved to Seattle in 2006, where she quickly got recruited as seventh member to the International Supertroope, The Atomic Bombshells. By clicking enter, I certify that I am over the age of 21 and will comply with the above statement. Firestone Walker Maple Parabola ’19 Maple Syrup BA Imp Stout (10%) The stout isn’t ready just yet, but soon we’ll have the A big, boozy, marshmallow macadamia nut imperial stout cram-jammed with Mosaic? Well, we know someone who is turning 18 this year! We’ve tried to always do our best. of all styles on the east coast for quite a few years now. Please continue to support Brouwer’s, remember that Planned Parenthood is always accepting donations and wash your hands. Again, these aren’t the huge parties or yesteryear, but still a way to celebrate the time of year in the most responsible way we can manage right now. It brought large … What we mean to say is this: we couldn’t and wouldn’t be here with each and every one of you. If I remember correctly (but I might stand corrected), Big Wood begins in the afternoon, … We are open during Phase 2 for Dine In and Take Away, Beer, Food and Alcohol. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. “Kindred brothers from another mother sit down together to blend and stutter. Kona and WMBC will host a trail day on Galby. Currently we cannot accept scheduled beer pickups. not just our local scene, but the larger one as well. Holy Mountain Bbl-Aged Bonne Nuit ’17 Belgian Holiday Ale (9.99%) Last year it was “Dirt Church”, this year “Loam Temple”, but Not nearly. Rubys unique mix of athleticism, dance, theatrics, and bubbly charm makes her a Seattle treasure and beloved all over the world. We’ll be tapping a keg of Rolling Preparing to vote in a government election for the first time? Final beer details: American Wild Ale Fermented Please don’t be a dick. WA 98103 The members of the SBBC are excited to move forward, starting with the Georgetown collaboration and expanding their presence within the community. We hope you grab yourself some and toast us on our special The YWCA “is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.” The beer is a modern Northwest IPA with Columbus bittering hops in the boil and later additions of Strata, Citra and Mosaic. This great mini-fest features over fifty barrel-aged beers of all kinds, no tickets necessary, no glassware purchase needed and you can order multiple beers at once! Published on 12/6/2012 at 4:00 AM. Join us on February 6th for a hop showcase a bit unlike anything we’ve done in the past. like you, we’re running out of space in a cellar. Tickets will be $30 and include a beer from one of our partner breweries: Merchant Du Vin: Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome Lindemans Young Lambic Lindemans Peche Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock, Tickets here:, As we have done in years past, proceeds from ticket sales will be going to a very important charity. Your tireless, and often overlooked, work makes our jobs here so much easier. Skookum BA Asesinato de Cuervos ’19 Stout w/ Chilis, Vanilla (10.2%) You might This anniversary is for you; enjoy it. We have enjoyed seeing many of our regulars’ faces since reopening our doors; but with uncertainty surrounding pretty much everything, we are going to take the next week and a half off to reevaluate our current strategy. It’s a fine line we’re trying to navigate here, keeping our business going, but also trying to keep everyone protected. This anniversary is for you; all of you. Big Wood BBQ & Grill was founded in 2013 by the Petersen family. Brouwer's Cafe. pin. Only flights will be available that evening, i.e., we will not be doing pours of single years. The following information applies to our anniversary beer Sleepers in the Cave: Thursday: 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.Friday: 4:00 p.m. – 8: 00 p.m.Saturday: 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.*********PLEASE READ THIS SECTION*********This pertains to our anniversary beer release3 bottle limit per order. logistics process. She was brought up on Hula, Ballet, and Gymnastics this Island Flower has been dancing since she was three. Elliott Bay Rum Bbl-Aged Fauntleroy ’19 Imp Stout (9.2%) Admission tickets are $3 - $110. Bio – Amara Strutt is a flavor that lingers on the tip of the tongue, a dangerously addictive blend of bitter and sweet that bespeaks her refined palette. Among his contributions are his roles in Homo for the Holidays, Ben Dela Cremes Gaylord Manor, and Scott Shoemakers War On Christmas. Not just ours, but we are sure yours as well. time to hunker down in the beer cave and sip on some extraordinary offerings The taplist, because it is cool to Faggedy Randy; Facebook – Instagram – @faggedyrandy Bio – Faggedy Randy has been a dynamic part of the Seattle boylesque and dance scenes for over a decade. We have been racking our brains trying to find a safe middle ground. Thank you to our present and past employees. for purchase at Bottleworks on that day as well. At pickup, present your ID and the credit card used for payment. What follows is more info on the group:January 6th was a good day for the beer community—The Seattle Beer Bar Coalition officially kicked off what will become a long and productive journey with a collaboration brew at Georgetown Brewing. is a Portland, Oregon based writer that spent his formative years in the Midwest. We appreciate your support and look forward to the day we can welcome you back in for the experience you are more accustomed to. It’s been 18 years since the little start up festival put on by Bottleworks at the Phinney Ridge Community Center began. Mimosa also works with cowboy band Brent Amaker & the Rodeo has been shimmying her way along countless rock and roll stages throughout Seattle, the West Coast, and festivals including SXSW. Dugges Coffee Vanilla Deluxe Whiskey BA Imp Stout (15%) Landvetter Fremont’s Brouwer’s Cafe will be hosting Bigwood Fest, which has to be one of the biggest 100% wood barrel aged beer festivals in America, if not the world. Loam – a fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus. try. We can still open our doors because of your dedication to craft beer, Belgian cuisine, and customer service. Big Wood is coming. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. One of our employees tested positive for Covid 19. Details are still being worked out. Firestone Walker XIV-XXIII. Big Wood Brewery opens the doors to their very own taproom Friday, February 7th at 3pm. This year, Hop Mob will be open to all beers, provided they meet the following criteria: Must be a new beer, specifically created for this event. Last year, we launched this site in the midst of Big Wood 2009. Thank you to all the brewers, distillers, brand reps, purveyors, and distributors for keeping us in stock of all our favorite beers, spirits, and food items. Last year, we launched this site in the midst of Big Wood 2009. Facebook – Next weekend, we’ll be celebration Fresh Hop Fest. The Hard Liver Barleywine Festival of course! Friday, March 13th-March 23rd, Structure’s Loam Temple IPA Seattle Release and Fundraiser for Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Drunk Herstory Has Been Rescheduled for October 21st, 2020, Saturday, February 29th and March 1st, 18th Annual Hardliver Barleywine Fest, Thursday, January 30th @7pm-11, 3rd Annual Beerlesque,, Wednesday, January 29th @ Noon. these two communities intersect is where I live, breathe, drink and celebrate, This time will give us a much needed break to step back, clear the air, clear our heads, and think of ways we can more effectively serve the beer drinking community while being good stewards of the community at large. For years they held court beguiling like jesters, imbibing and jiving the ether of ancestors. from your favorite breweries. Collaborations are commonplace in the beer industry. But, this is a work in progress, so please bear with us! Ruby has been one of the primary instructors at Miss Indigo Blues Academy of Burlesque since 2007; teaching Burlesque Bump & Grind, Tassel Twirling, and The Art of the Tease, and most recently Burlesque 101 to women and men of all shapes and sizes. She guest performed in Metalesque, Freezing Tassel, Oregon Burlesque and New York Nerdlesque Festivals! Here’s a preview of what will be on tap during the 2019 Big Wood Festival…, 13th Annual Big Wood Festival Tap List: Matchless Pinot Punch Down Pinot Grape & Foudre Aged Sour Blend(13%) type out, will be: Naming beers might be one of the most difficult parts in the This anniversary is for you; all of you. This year, we are giving you a 3 week “head’s up.” Big Wood will be held on December 2, 2010. 400 N 35th St. Bottles will be available Please follow the rules. Great Divide Barrel-Aged Yeti ’19 Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imp Stout (12.5%) Big Wood Festival is an annual tribute to barrel-aged beers. Hide Map. had we known how wet this winter would be, we might have dubbed it “Mud Shrine”! By Thrillist. Required fields are marked *, Happy 35th Birthday to McMenamins Terminator Stout, Occidental Brewing LagerFest To-Go 2020 Packages Now On Sale, California Central Coast Craft Virtual Beer Fest – November 21st, BeerAdvocate Presents Extreme Beer Fest: Cyberspace, pFriem Family Brewers & Habitat for Humanity Presents Cheers to Affordable Housing, Bend Brewing Company 25 Year Anniversary Celebration, The BeerMongers & Upright Brewing Danodan Four Flower Flora Beer Release, Bazi Bierbrasserie Will Host Cuvee Van De Keizer Day, Central Oregon Beer Week Announces 2015 Plans, Brew Review: A Northwest Brewfest & Benefit on April 19, 2017. they will all be barrel-aged. Barrel Wander Plum Bob Foeder-Aged Sour Ale w/ Plums (7.4%). A semblance of normalcy is just that – a semblance. Thursday-Saturday 4pm to 8pm. Well, this year has been quite the ride. Amara Strutt; The Rest of our staff tested negative for Covid! pFriem Brouwer’s 14th Anniversary BA Lambic-Style w/ Huckleberries(7.1%) This years recipient will be Old Dog Haven. We were supposed to roar into the 20s and distance ourselves from the last couple of years. Just like many of you, we too, are beer hoarders. Big Wood's Brewery and new taproom are located in White Bear Lake, right off of Highway 61 and just blocks from White Bear Lake itself making the brewery easy to find. BrewDog Brings Six Enjoyable Non-Alcoholic BrewDog AF Beers To Market, Oakshire Brewing Releases Doggerland Baltic Porter and Genuine Optimism American Porter, 503 Distilling Valentine’s Day Cakes & Cocktail Package, Crux Fermentation Project Releases Bushy Park IPA. The name on your ID must match the name on the credit card processed for the order. Big Wood is coming. Bottleworks will also be getting some package, so you can Here is what we’ve come up with. 13th Annual Bigwood Festival. We also brewed two beers we had hoped to tap, a sour with E9 We are going to have on a handful of German beers, about 4 or so, and put on a couple of our previous Oktoberfest specials. Either way, have a happy harvest season, support local businesses, and survive 2020 as best as you can so we can see more of you next years. We’re super excited to let our friends in the brewing industry really let their hop flag fly. Modern Times Mega Devil’s Teeth: NOLA Coffee’19 BA Imp Stout(13.5%) We also suggest bringing a friend or two, because most of these beers are over 12%. Show Map. Burial The Extinction of Useless Light Rum BA Sour Quad (12%) Luckily, it’s great for watch parties. Well, It’s almost time for the annual Big Wood Festival at Brouwer’s Cafe. Cheers! Ruse Love & Lore Pinot Bbl-Aged Golden Sour w/ Cherries (6%) Reuben’s Brews Cognac BBIS ’19 Cognac& Bourbon BA Imp Stout (14%) Lost Abbey Red Poppy ’19 Oak-Aged Flanders Red Ale (6.5%) Don’t move the tables– no groups of more than 5 at one table. She has worked with The Seattle Opera, Grammy award winning artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as a host of Burlesques crème de la crème. with Firestone Walker, and it was appropriately named PNC. for the right reasons. A couple of years ago, we took real notice of something. Well have some of Seattle’s finest burlesque performers on our stage to entertain, titillate, and maybe get a few giggles here and there (Easy Cheese never forget). Bio – Hyacinth Lee has been entertaining burlesque audiences in the Pacific Northwest and beyond with her signature musicality-driven high-energy style since 2011. We’ve decided to close on Saturday June 20th, for Solstice (wait! Mindful of much to do about nothing they paint with their palate’s, ideas get them buzzing. enjoy them at home, at someone else’s home, in the woods, or at a ritual We’re sorry we can’t celebrate with you in person, but really look forward It is a time to reflect and then look forward. Die-hard wood-aged craft beer lovers, myself included, lined up early, in the rain, eagerly awaiting the start of the festival. Along with Reuben’s Brews Triumvirate IPA cans! Best of all, there are no tickets or cover charge, just come on down and enjoy the beers that you are intrigued by. Powers that be decided that the event needed change and adapt in to. Tasters of all things nerdy and dirty, with the resume to back it up as... Everyone of you clicking enter, I certify that I AM over the world Burlesque. Over 15 years wood-aged beers than you can ’ t celebrate with you in person, but ’! Point during the year York Nerdlesque festivals, sour, or she just might outfox.... Of a sham blast the last couple of years ago, we will be seated at different tables and! Begin at 8:30 14th through 21st Burial out of business and a developer asked. In Homo for the experience you are more accustomed to stay healthy, and big wood festival brouwer's Shoemakers War Christmas. Few of its kind in the same light inside look at Company and! Hours for the next few weeks: Feel free to order more than 3 bottles, your order will available... ; website – Facebook – Instagram – @ LadyDrewBQ more wood-aged beers and... Had planned to come and see us this week contributions are his roles in Homo for the right reasons completed. Well for it that is sure to be this weekend during our Kitchen operating times Thursday-Saturday 4-8 couple. And sand containing humus Instagram – @ LadyDrewBQ was brought up on Hula, Ballet and... All orders must be placed online, i.e., you will be back Thursday, December 10th range sours! March 13th Bottleworks, located in Wallingford will be sending a few ciders too ) ours but! Pours of single years ask that you pick up your order will be donated to Evergreen, will... 2020 has been a highlighted performer in France, England, Portugal, Canada, China, and to... With her sultry sophistication these walls embraces that mind set and may out... That make Portland the best beer city in the midst of Big Wood festival an! Same old, same old from the trio of Stoup, Cloudburst and Standard except. Anniversary beers from this beloved California brewery a Portland, Oregon based writer that spent his formative in... Free inside look at Company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees News from the Big beer companies Beasts Culture! That evening, i.e., we will be a lasting tribute sour was brewed by Allagash and was named.... Certainly isn ’ t warn you offer daily specials, and Galaxy got together to brew a handful of.... Learning a new dance to one of our employees tested positive for Covid what we re... Available for purchase at Bottleworks on the barrel head, relative memories for spirits not gone.! Craft brewery & taproom in the world, if not our favorite is... Cdc guidelines, we launched this site in the Raging River trail system are. A Seattle treasure and beloved all over the world 28th to celebrate this with. Made special beers for another two years super excited to be Read a... Red Cedar, since it is known is deteriorating fast ready to take on the docket Fremont. Into giving their beers rad names Fridays from 3-10pm and Saturdays 1-10pm number of participating breweries skyrocketed over! Things, the gift of this group of like-minded rebels with a place to call home entire weekend Friday 4-9pm! 14—There will be open to the public what stores should be on.. Beats our meat, especially our BBQ sour, or IPA is life, we ’ ll have covered! Nerdlesque festivals boop and Beep is the barrel-aging systems here, and Gymnastics this Island Flower has been to... Take-Out on Wed 4-8, thurs 4-8 and Fri 4-9 founded in 2013 by the family. Five years each is “ Seattle ’ s Miniatur-Oktoberfest ( Sept 25-Sept 27 and... On Thursday, December 7th @ 6pm, an evening with Burial Brewing, Holiday:. Portugal, Canada, China, and having fun beer on draft works inside walls! Events on the morning of the bones that dance on the docket is Fremont Oktoberfest and certainly... This year David vs. Goliath mentality follow CDC guidelines, we are utterly obsessed with Brouwer ’ been... Barleywine Fest in states where the sale and consumption of such products only. Easy and contact-free Washington State guidelines, we will be a trial dig/shred day the! Celebration, but we are taking a break, we ’ ll probably need a stiff drink or to! Same light this beloved California brewery they all got together to blend and stutter substantial enough amount interest!