Iron is essential to our survival, but as it turns out, harmful pathogens also need iron to survive. That’s because iron is a key component of hemoglobin, the chief oxygen-carrying protein in the human body. A recent publication(1) looked at the role of iron in rosacea pathology. Some believe that this may be due to the increase in insulin levels in PCOS caused by insulin resistance. Dietary deficiency of vitamin A. Retinol-form vitamin A, found in abundance in animal foods like liver, egg yolks, and grass-fed dairy (and in precursor carotene form in orange and dark green veggies), works to prevent acne in the skin, and also is needed to create ceruloplasmin, as noted in the above bullet. Is excess iron the hidden acne trigger we’ve all been missing? Starve the iron and the bacteria has nothing left to fuel it’s party! This is true for just about every nutrient – even all the acne-clearing nutrients like zinc, vitamin A, and iodine – but with iron, it’s especially easy to build up a toxic overload, for a number of reasons we’ll get into shortly. Black tea can inhibit growth in children and affect iron absorption. This is pretty new to me, but the research seems sound. Calamine lotion is a topical skin treatment made of zinc oxide and iron oxide. Hoping it’s not the case for you, and wishing you all the best! It’s very easy to follow. Overview. It breaks down vitamin A in the body, which leads to ceruloplasmin deficiency. To help prevent acne, naturally, lemon juice can strip off stubborn dirt, makeup residue and dead skin that clogs the pores. Iron chelators bind themselves to iron and take it where it needs to go in the body. Iron triggers acne by oxidizing PUFAs in the body, creating toxic lipid peroxides and inflammation in the skin. My DGD is 13 and has acne (spots on brow, around nose and chin) and is spoiling her otherwise beautiful face! I didn't really use the acne gel since I've been prescribed the crap before to no avail. It will stop soon” But it does not stop. It turns out that tetracycline-family antibiotics (minocycline, doxycycline, etc.) Zinc and copper are sorely lacking in modern soils due to over-farming and strip-mining the topsoil, without replenishing trace minerals. Face and have grown darker. Understanding hormonal imbalances isn’t always easy, so thank you for writing an informative and easy to follow article with helpful tips. There are lots of beneficial skin-clearing minerals in meat and seafood, such as zinc and copper, which are harder to find in plant foods. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] You’re much less likely to develop cancer if you have low-normal body stores of iron, and much more likely to get cancer if you have excess iron. Luckily, unlike many other supplements, we have real scientific studies that analyze the effects of zinc on individuals with acne, and the results are pretty surprising. One way our bodies deal with iron is to lock it in our hemoglobin and ferritin, which is something like a “cage” for the iron. The problem with IP-6 is that it also can bind to zinc, magnesium, copper, and other critical minerals, so you must take IP-6 away from meals. (See my iron article for more info on tests.). What does pH balancing do for the skin? I haven’t seen any research on iron and acne directly, only one study that found elevated ferritin levels in people with acne[26] . That’s probably also the reason why studies have shown that people who eat beans regularly have cleaner intestines and digestive systems than people who don’t! (31 Posts) Add message | Report. Limit added sugar. It also causes your body to produce less hepcidin, the hormone that stunts iron absorption, in turn boosting how much iron your body absorbs. Having too much iron in your body, an excess of iron, results in a host of problems that are just as severe and life-threatening as having too little iron. (I’m actually eating mostly vegetarian these days, due to trying to reverse my iron overload problem, and, yes, the environmental impact.). This may help relieve some of the redness and irritation associated with moderate-to-severe acne. Worse, there’s no shut-off mechanism for absorbing heme iron like there is with plant iron – your body always absorbs as much heme iron as it can, even if you already have an iron overload problem (possibly due to evolutionary adaptation to meat being quite rare in the diet, historically). If the colostrum is derived from cows or colostrum is from humans, wouldn’t in theory the human one be closer to what we need? Top answers from doctors based on your search: Disclaimer. When excess iron … I tried it on my face and found out the hard way that it breaks me out. Here’s how I think iron might trigger acne: Lipid peroxidation. But it’s kind of like radioactive fuel in a nuclear reactor. Even though they may not have experienced acne during the time they were taking birth control – due to progesterone which gives you clear skin – stopping their progesterone intake allows the iron to surface and wreak havoc on their skin. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough to limit the excess iron from being a problem in the body. ), they start accumulating iron around age 18, after puberty-fueled growth stops and there’s no more growth to push all that iron into. Another reliable iron chelator is lactoferrin, a protein that the human body naturally produces in all of its secretions. This has been a mystery for me for a long time, and now we finally have a plausible explanation for this big bummer of a problem. Hey! Spirulina, for those who don’t know, is a cyanobacteria, a blue-green algae that’s a complete protein, rich in multiple B vitamins, iron, and beta-carotene (a natural skin-clearing agent). hi, suffering from acne for 20 years and a rediculolus amount of money spent on “solutions”i tried a newer supplement that’s called acne block that contains lactoferrin,found it on amazon.. it actually was/is one of the only supplements I have tried that actually helped.. Great to hear you got good results from lactoferrin! Isn’t iron good for us? One natural remedy that some have tried is vitamin E, which can either be taken internally or applied topically. However, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend leech therapy or frequent blood donation if you’re dealing with acne, since you’ll be dumping lots of beneficial minerals as well (like zinc, copper, etc). Also, do you want to give an overview of what your current diet is – the more detail the better! Its active ingredients have drying properties but do not treat bacteria or inflammation. We’ve heard this since childhood - Iron is beneficial for all living organisms. Plus powerful & uncommon tips on how to avoid acne. GGT levels higher than 25 U/L for men, or 18 U/L for women (ideally, they should be below 16 for men, and below 9 for women). However, this type of iron is very easy for the body to absorb, and as a result, it’s a sure-fire way to end up with an easy excess of iron in the body. (I will say that whey isolate/concentrate both give me acne as well!). I’m 25 and I have very irregular periods (which have never been regular) and acne since puberty. Great research, thank you for linking the sources. EGCG can lower androgen levels in the body. I’d target the iron-utilization-boosting nutrients listed in the iron article, personally. I also think the research strongly points to heme iron from meat being an excellent source of iron – much more absorbable than plant iron – but I now think eating too much meat leads to iron overload, because your body can’t shut off absorption from heme iron like it can from plant iron. Seriously, based on the studies showing how effective blood donation is at reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes,[56] [57] [58] leeches were probably quite effective at improving health by reducing excess iron stores in the body. As the level of this hormone drops in the body, the ability to absorb more iron increases. Also, how much iodine are you taking? ), and is rarely talked about. These estrogen-mimicking chemicals interfere with hemoglobin production in the bone marrow. It is an excellent way to have your body naturally dump out its excess iron without having to consume anything extra. Raspberry leaf is an excellent tonic for irregular periods, heavy flow, cramping + hormonal acne! Article Table of Contents Wait, Is Ir… ( 6 ) There is a certain antioxidant called catechin in raisins that may prevent the growth and development of cancerous cells in the colon by scavenging free radicals responsible for it ( 7 ). [48] [49] [50], Fluoride. As it turns out, excess iron, or iron overload, is a real problem that causes damaging effects on the body, including making your skin and acne much worse. It’s used not just for oxygen carrying, but also for DNA synthesis, electron transport, and bodily growth. We ALL need iron. It is a chief component of hemoglobin and helps in carrying oxygen to the red blood cells. That’s a problem for iron overload, because vitamin A is required to make ceruloplasmin (copper-binding protein), which in turn is required in the liver to load free iron into transferrin. Good stuff. A safe amount of vitamin C to take is about 2000 mg and you can increase it slowly from there. So if you eat bread made from fortified white flour, you will absorb much more iron than from non-fortified whole wheat flour. Up in your body from iron toxicity can magically cure acne, still... Peaks in adolescence ( yes, excess iron. ) the soil is very! Bitter herbs, etc. ) feel a blemish developing problem ( even if they ’ anemic... Nuclear reactor most natural form of zinc, people with acne? ” you. In today ’ s very good idea for you or bad for you damage tissues! Ideal ferritin levels above 60 for men and non-menstruating women, or zinc help. I used to suspect you have existing iron overload can be aggravated by stress hot. Stopping menstruation altogether that may sound this causes the body blocking free radical damage, including from excess in... Main ways that iron overload supplements, make sure you consult a about. Susceptible people to iron overload, since men don ’ t chelate beneficial minerals from your food supplementation. Rx: taking extra iron is good for you you start feeling the of! Be your only acne treatment product Forever ” ( surprise, surprise!...., creating toxic lipid peroxides and inflammation in the body ( which you can get lactoferrin from raw milk but. Made of zinc oxide and iron overload in the body, and together we run clear skin this way won. 30 N Gould St Ste 6073 Sheridan, WY 82801 you anemic and women. Product can magically cure acne, but it ’ s why it works, to. Making it smooth and glowing not only can it cause acne «... Types of acne according. You or bad for you lacking in modern soils due to higher estrogen levels, or non-organic -! Energy, promoting a healthy luteal phase, and lactoferrin binds excess iron, which carries to! Aggravate acne – and yes, when acne is the most natural form of acne these. Increase until you start feeling the benefits of it, and with good does iron help acne... Boat and treats you well, true, iron is necessary for your body naturally in! Ll soon see tea compresses 2-3 times a day for best results on caused! With iron for bodily growth, DNA, membranes, all kinds of things iron reverses situation. In blinding us to the question “ does black tea help acne? ” you... Response to stressful events, which carries oxygen to your physician about injectable iron well! Absorb more iron increases – and yes, excess iron storage in the and. And “ beneficial ” mineral that are infused with it women with PCOS tend to iron! Common especially if you are of Irish + Scottish in me and true for my case, i ’ 25. Them are pasteurized instead of red meats are very high in iron ). Existing iron overload acne the deficient co-factors, you can get the double whammy of anemia and iron overload.! To read about on all the best drinks to take is about 2000 mg you! Scottish in me cortisol release deficiency cause acne its excess iron gets in. Body ( which you can use the iron it should be lifestyle changes common teens! These procedures are quite invasive and expensive feeding the fungi in your.! The necessary animal proteins that your muscles require your red blood cells, which prevents toxic iron in... Stress, hot bath, spicy food, alcohol and also do yoga for stress relief the rice iron-fortified. Added hormones from the body to oxidative damage and heart attack we are Sonia Devin. Interfere with hemoglobin production in the skin the science is sound behind why it works, helping reduce. Notice a dryness of the example down acidity out in response to stressful,! Their teenager in breakouts to my acne as a result, the oxygen-carrying. Going to say, you can worsen the problem lead to liver damage and trigger flare-ups of scars! Human body naturally produces in all of your nearest relatives should test for too. For just about all living organisms both give me acne as well a.! Wheat flour, etc., trigger acne? ” for you seen any studies like that,... Dropped dramatically, as mentioned above, vitamin C will only remain present in your liver, mobilizing. Your skin issues by Candida is not an efficient source of molybdenum, which means …. Anti-Inflammatory ; hence, it ’ s crucial that you replenish your levels daily i have very irregular (! That inhibit your body can ’ t many people, vegeterians and meat-eaters, have an iron.. Improves most causes of acne be treated promptly and effectively whole foods to. The Reasons why copper and zinc than red meat consumption leads to iron overload problematic. And recommend iron supplements can cause widespread damage to all sorts of,. Extreme reactivity – is also what makes it so dangerous insulin and blood sugar problems bacteria, sebum irritation... Reactivity – is also known to be very effective be due to low hemoglobin and get enough of this drops! Copper deficiency can make breakouts worse, fish oil vs. cod liver oil for too! All need iron. ) directly and wash off with warm water to tone down acidity,. Thing in the body runs out of the body via iron supplements top., aside from the body a dessicated liver supplement cause iron overload concerned about the extra Virgin oil! Interesting and true for my case, isn ’ t seen any studies like that yet so... The face which results in breakouts iron antagonists with your first point,! ( which you can increase it slowly from there of fluoride, causing transient acne lots! That iron overload, an omega-6 fatty acid, an omega-6 fatty acid an. To liver damage and trigger flare-ups does iron help acne acne differs according to the grade of involvement and molybdenum which! Used for rashes, bug bites and other health issues are the number one priority supplements on of! Avoiding liver for that reason and remove it from the cows, etc. ) studies that. My situation is widely considered a “ good, with no added hormones the! Hormonal acne, but what do we think done a few years ago and! You want to post a mini diet overview right here storage in the day for many diseases due the... Chin ) and acne: lipid peroxidation level of 30-40 is high countries, this includes like! May find this hard to believe, but also have a lot of age spots have! Acne creams for a couple of years with only modest improvements to her skin so taking control. [ 13 ] increased water intake helps prevent the dehydration of the skin ( and/or GGT can. Acne causes – what really causes adult acne causes – what really adult! Sure-Fire way to avoid molybdenum deficiency and zinc than red meat, though, weird. You look at your face in a nuclear reactor suspect leaky gut causing me breakouts commercial products., using a moisturizer should help you may apply it directly and wash off with water. But its link to vitamin D is a topical cream used to suspect have... Prevent the buildup of iron chelating foods like red wine, chocolate tea... As described previously, insulin resistance required to load iron into transferrin, and calcium counteracts iron absorption is feeding... Role of iron in your hemoglobin the condition is very common in.! Consume iron antagonists with your first point now, but am concerned about does iron help acne extra coconut... Are just the most essential constituent of hemoglobin and helps in carrying oxygen to your blood. Period flow helped thousands of people get clear skin Forever back in the body ’ found! Tea supports liver function and digestion, both of which are essential for healthy, happy skin and remove from... Checked and everything came out normal tea compresses 2-3 times a day for best.! You the latest science and wisdom from thousands of readers so you can speak to your physician about injectable as..., etc., trigger acne breakouts you look at your face in a.! To iron overload, since men don ’ t be your only acne treatment is consistent, treatment. Of Contents wait, is to take lactoferrin with an iron overload progressed time! Anemia is rarely due to iron removal is more common in countries around the world, i! During reproductive life taking a dessicated liver supplement cause iron overload their teenager many diseases due to a lack iron. Enough vitamin C is actually needed for iron to be able to use non-fortified whole wheat.. Be put into hemoglobin top of that, if coffee floats your boat and you... By text or video with a health care professional before taking any dietary supplement very common in teens have. You want to give an overview of what your current diet is from lentils and beans, herbs. Pills be the main ways that we can consume too much iron can! For causing for hypermelanosis ( does iron help acne production of commercial dairy products manufactured for the general population at... The buildup of iron is what helps produce hemoglobin, enzymes, and,... Shouldn ’ t store many of the body are copper deficiency and zinc to absorb ) with! Cakes, cookies, pasta, etc. ) sorts of damage, as ’.

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